Watch: What Happens to a Hardcore Band When They Don't Pay Their Engineer - They Get a Free EDM Remix

Sooo..there was a band of teenagers out in LA. Nice bunch of boys but they want to be a hardcore/postpunk outfit, a bit like Bring Me the Horizon. They write a song, a rather sad song about some chick called Daisy. They rent themselves a studio and then hire a local engineer called Dan to help make them sound a bit better, a little more polished.

The problem was that they didn't actually pay their engineer. For months. Even though he was actually their neighbor. So rather than get mad, Dan got even. He took the files and created this - what might be the world's first hardcore post punk EDM dance track:

After the video went viral the band hit back (well cried back) claiming that they were not as bad as people thought they were. So, still not having paid their engineer for their original tracks , Dan recently decided to post the whole story behind the video:

So the lesson here - pay your engineer. A good engineer can help make you famous, but as Alex & co. have discovered if you mess with him it may not quite be in the way you imagined..

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