The Police Department Who Cancelled an Illegal Rave Have the Perfect Response for Complainers.

Police departments all over the world are embracing social media - especially Facebook and Twitter - as a way to communicate with the communities they police. Recently one police force in Newry, Northern Ireland, posted about having shut down a planned illegal rave for obvious safety reasons.

While some praised the police for their actions, and pointed out where some good, legal EDM events were taking place soon that people could attend instead. Others, predictability complained that the police were spoilsports - but in stronger language than that and demanded that the event go ahead anyway.

After the latter kind of comments kept coming the police posted again, and their sarcastic response was amazing:

In another comment they posted " Seriously we have ruined every young persons summer in the whole world ever by telling you not to go to an unlicensed, unregulated carry on in a field in the middle of the countryside which just happens to be close to a quarry, how mean are we?"

"Perhaps your summer would be better if we let this go ahead and you go so off your face on drink and drugs that somehow you thought it was a good idea to try and fly off the cliff edge into the quarry. Excellent plan, I say not. Who's summer would that make so much better?"

"Or better still how good would the summer be if you were searched going to this and we found your stash of drugs then we took you to court and you got a conviction for drugs offences and maybe a prison sentence."

"Seriously, WISE UP. I say it again if you don't like what we post on here to keep YOUR community safe I suggest you unlike us. For those interested and for the favourable and constructive comments I thank you."

The rave did not go ahead.

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Comment by Dash Mode on July 9, 2014 at 7:57am


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