Starkillers Tells a Twitter Tale about his 'Bromance' Collaboration with Avicii

If you want to moan, complain or catch a bit of juicy gossip, Twitter really is the place to go these days. Recently, after commiserating with fellow American producer/DJ BT over his little spat with Porter Robinson, Nick Terranova, aka Starkillers, then went on to treat BT - and several thousand other users, to a similar tale, this one about himself and a young kid named Tim Bergling, better known to the world these days as Avicii.

As his story went, back in the day Nick allowed this young Swede to crash on his couch and naturally, being in the same game they did a little work together:



Nick went on to say that the track never got finished as Tim had to return to Sweden. However, that was not he said, the end of the track, as listening to the radio some time later Starkillers says he heard something he recognised:

No action was ever taken, as the pair have the same lawyer apparently, who did not want anything to stand in the way of Avicii's rising star. And Nick swears it is not actually Avicii he is mad at at all:

We are not sure if this little tale made BT feel any better but you do get the feeling that Starkillers enjoyed getting that all of his chest.



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Comment by Alex. on June 19, 2014 at 6:15pm
That is a picture of Dmitry KO not Starkillers.

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