Royal DJs - Prince William and Duchess Kate Learn to DJ

The Royal Couple is currently on their tour on New Zealand and Australia, and guess what we caught up - Duchess Kate and Prince William spend some time scratching turntables at Northern Sound System, a community-run music center in the Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth.

Though they didn't necessarily brought the house down with some jaw dropping scratch, mixes and beats, the couple took turns when they give their spin on the turntable.

DJ Shane Peterer was on hand, and it looks like Prince William was not up to the task to give a royal spin, so the lovely Duchess went first. She obviously enjoys the sound of the turn and adorably laughed to the cheers of the crowd.

Prince William then went on to show if he has the beat, giving his own scratch on the deck. He then shares his taste of music saying, “I like house music, I still like a bit of rock and roll and the classics and a bit of R and B. I'm not a big heavy metal fan -- I'd like to be but I'm not."

They did spend some time in electronic dance music, when EDM singer Ellie Goulding sang "Lights" in their wedding in 2011 and the Royal couple danced to the chart-topping single.

I guess they need to listen more to Pete Tong's (MBE) show on BBC Radio 1 to keep up with the EDM hits. 

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Comment by Sam Skrzeczynski on April 27, 2014 at 4:00am

I was watching this on live tv was rather funny, thanks for the repost :)

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