Revealed: The Roland ARIA is not an it, it is four its

Having been teased by Roland for weeks, if not months, about exactly what their much anticipated ARIA offering might actually be, apart from an upgraded version of the iconic Roland TR-808, less than a week ahead of its official release it turns out that 'it' is not a singular thing at all, it is a range of four separate instruments.

The ARIA line will consist of the new TR-08 drum machine, the VT-3 Vocal Transformer, the TB-3 Touch Bassline, and the System-1 Synth. The engineers behind it all explain a little more (but not much more) in the video below. So now all that remains is to actually see it all in action at the February 15 release and then, we are guessing, spend a week or so recovering from sticker price shock.

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