Pryda - 10 Years of Pryda (Artist Album) [Out On: ??.??.2014]

Eric Prydz is a man of many monikers. In fact, too many monikers to be counted on one hand. Under names such as Moo and Sheridan, the veteran DJ hit the ground running as early as 2002 with his Cirez D persona launching nearly a year later. It was 2004 that Prydz made a landmark splash. Well, two splashes — both, while initially in separate directions, would become the nucleus of his current trademark(s). Between summer and fall of 2004, Eric Prydz released his widely-acclaimed “Call On Me” as the catalyst to a career beneath his birth-name, but maintained his underground presence with the launch of his illustrious Pryda alias, initiated by the release of the two-track, 12-inch vinyl formatted “Human Behaviour / Lesson One.”

Only days into 2014 and Prydz has acknowledged the monumental anniversary upon him, taking to Facebook to give fans not only a heads up about the ten-year mark for Pryda, but hinting that it will be celebrated with an album. “2014 = 10 years of Pryda,” was the humble nod, but “I feel an album coming on” was the warning that he’ll be bringing a decade full-circle with a Pryda studio album.

Eric Prydz last released an album under the famed alias back in May of 2012, and he’s since confirmed that another full-length project is in the works. While the hint is far from cryptic and nothing is official until, well, official, fans can bet that his forthcoming album for 2014 will be another Pryda venture as the follow up to Eric Prydz presents Pryda.

Release Date : ??.??.2014

Label : Pryda

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