March 9 was International DJ Day - But Why?

You might, if you follow Dash Berlin's social media accounts have seen a couple of 'Happy International DJ Day' graphics like the one above - pop up on Sunday (March 9) And you may have had a similar question to the one that Deadmau5 had;

So for the Mau5 and anyone else who was wondering, March 9 2014 marked the 12th International DJ Day. It is an initiative set up by the industry bodies World DJ Fund and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy. The intention is to celebrate all DJs which, when the celebration was launched back in 2002 were split into three distinct categories: Radio DJ - The DJs who work in broadcast media. Think Radio One's Pete Tong. Club DJ: The guys who actually grind out the live stuff (that's you Deadmau5!) Bedroom DJ: The aspiring DJs still working from their homes and seeking out glory via podcasts. The lines are all blurred now of course. Pete Tong is a live DJ too and the term club DJ covers a huge range of people, from the guys who spin music at weddings to the likes of Dash Berlin. As for bedroom DJs services like YouTube and YouNow mean that almost anyone with a camera has a chance to make themselves heard, taking them out of their bedroom and up onto the Interwebs. Nevertheless March 9 is a day for them all. So if you didn't raise a glass to them yesterday, do it today (it's never too late to celebrate)

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