Kim Dotcom launches his Baboom Streaming Service with His Own Dance Album

Kim Dotcom has never, ever, been a shy guy and he certainly knows how to milk every bit of publicity he can get to the max. The former Megaupload chief has a new venture to launch right now and in order to help do so he has released his own dance album. An album that is SO tongue in cheek cheesy it almost becomes listenable (check out a preview below)

The album, entitled ‘Good Times’ is designed to help his brand new streaming service 'BaBoom' which is set to be a kind of iTunes/Spotify hybrid, with the first album being launched by the still in Beta platform being Kim's.

The idea behind the platform is that artists who sign up have a choice - offer their music for free or as a paid download. If the latter is the case then a user is redirected to a paid platform like iTunes. That is only a temporary measure though as soon Dotcom intends to offer the ability for artists to sell direct from his platform, keeping 90% of the profits from all sales.

"My idea is that artists should make their music available for free, and fans should only pay for it if they really like it,'' explains Dotcom in a video on Baboom.

Kim intends for this to go big. He already sent a tweet to the the Recording Industry Association of America: ''Hello RIAA, this will be your grave''. Only time will tell though.

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