Interview with Alexander Popov: About upcoming album ‘Personal Way’ and more

The time is now for Russian producer/DJ Alexander Popov. Six years after his first E.P. was released, he gears up for a very important moment in his career; the release of his debut album ‘Personal Way’. With only a few weeks to go, we hooked up with the creative mind behind ‘Moscow Subway’, ‘When The Sun’ and ‘Steal You Away’. This guy is no longer a talent on the rise, but a master in the game of warm melodies, intricate beats and outstanding compositions. Time really is now, for Alexander Popov.

Alexander:”Hey I’m really good, thanks! Just back from Asian mini-tour, and now preparing some stuff for my album release.”

The pre-order of your debut album, ‘Personal Way’, just went live! What’s going through your mind right now?
Alexander:”The first thing that comes to mind is ‘finally!’. I’m so excited, it was a long process for me and now I’m happy to share the result with the people! We are also working on an official album launch party – in Moscow’s Pravda Club on November 22nd. “

From your point of view – would you say that time is ripe for you to release it? Are you ready for the next step in your career?
Alexander:”Releasing your debut artist album is definitely one of the biggest steps in the career of any artist. And I’m happy to release my debut album on such a great and big label – Armada Music. I’ve been walking around with the idea to create an album for the last 3 years and I’m sure now it is the right time to release it!”

How long have you been working on it – and was it a long journey or did it go naturally?
Alexander:”Well, it took more than 2 years, and I have to say it’s a bit more difficult than I expected, because you have to consider a lot of stuff about the rights, vocals, etc. besides music production. I think my creative process goes naturally, and in my opinion the best way to create good music is to have some fun in the studio and enjoy the process. My fans can hear it in my tracks, people can feel the energy that you put in to the music.”

Your first release dates back 6 years ago – what’s changed about you and your sound in the meantime? What have you learned?
Alexander:”Yes, I remember my first single – ‘Vapour Trails’ was released in 2007, and it got really good support. But to be honest, I didn’t really started to focus on my music career until 3 years ago when I signed to Armada Music. I understood that I need to spend more time in the studio and get more gigs to become a professional DJ and producer.”

‘Personal Way’ – how did you come up with the title and what’s the thought behind it?
Alexander:”It’s a bit of a philosophical name. I think every man in this world is unique and everyone has their own life path, and so I called it ‘Personal Way’. Some people know where to go, some don’t, some are always searching. So I tried to show my personal way through the music, with different colours and moods, to reflect on the way that life goes, and I hope it’ll get people to think about where they want to go – and if it’s the right way.”

It features collabs with Eximinds, LTN, Ruben de Ronde, DJ Feel and Dash Berlin. What’s the best thing about working with exciting names like these?
Alexander:”I love to collaborate with different artists and producers, I think it’s really cool to have a few different views on the music. When you create the track together, you can add the best parts of both sides and make it sounds more interesting.”

It’s a very up-tempo, trancy album. Has that always been your plan or did it go naturally?
Alexander:”I was always a more trancy producer and artist and I’m very happy to be a part of the trance scene because I love this type of music. It changed a lot in the past couple of years, but we still have the same roots – euphoric melodies and uplifting beats, and I did my best to use all the best parts of trance music in my album.“

Have you got a personal favourite on the album yourself? Any track(s) you consider your personal highlight?
Alexander:”Probably my favourite is the title album track – ‘Personal Way’, I think it has the right classic trancy mood and interesting harmonies. I’m currently working on a special banging club mix of this track, hope it’s going to be released as a single later. And I’m also very proud to have such a good collaboration with superstar Dash Berlin, ‘Steal You Away’, with brilliant vocals by Jonathan Mendelsohn. I made my own version of this track especially for the album.”
Which track is going to be the next single? And when can we expect it?
Alexander:”The next single is coming up very soon, it is the track that was on the ASOT 650 anthem contest. It’s going to be released on November 11th on Armind under the name ‘Legend’!”

Pre-orderPersonal Way’ now! Tracklist:

  1. Alexander Popov - Personal Way (04:26)
  2. Alexander Popov & Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Steal You Away (Alexander Popov Remix) (03:37)
  3. Alexander Popov - Legend (03:26)
  4. Alexander Popov feat. Kyler England - My World (04:04)
  5. Alexander Popov - Moscow Subway (03:22)
  6. Alexander Popov - When The Sun (03:36)
  7. Alexander Popov & Ruben de Ronde - Nature Breath (03:38)
  8. Alexander Popov & Susana - Lean On Me (05:37)
  9. Alexander Popov - Revolution In You (04:56)
  10. Alexander Popov & DJ Feel feat. Jan Johnston - Perfectly (04:33)
  11. Alexander Popov - Lost Language (04:32)
  12. Alexander Popov & Eximinds - Schopenhauer (05:01)
  13. Alexander Popov & LTN - Simple Things (05:34)
  14. Alexander Popov - Solar Wind (04:44)
  15. Alexander Popov - Atom (02:40)
  16. Alexander Popov - The Last He Said (04:24)


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