Update: Live Be Your Sound Acoustic // Interview Emma Hewitt: "I was a very terrible waitress" (Video Inside)

Sauce Hockey Interviews Emma Hewitt.

Emma Hewitt: "I took a very long time for that to become my real job and I was a very terrible waitress and also terrible at a lot other things a long the way. I always made sure that I never put too much focus or energy into anything other than music, so I was not distracted from it.

Sometimes I would get really pissed to introduce people that they are… My mom was dying and she is the reason I would wake up. Before she past away or something like that and send me messages to wish me well it really kind heart breaking but you think waah! what you don’t realize is that when you make a song on your bed dreaming or in a studio or somewhere, there are actually real people out there in different parts of the world that would be listening to that in different moment of there life its kind of cool to know that in some way you connected to them, even if, you know.

I always love listening to electronic dance music, like if I go out to clubs and things like that hearing music with my friends i always love to, but growing up in Australia, it was always rock music and live bands and stuff so I never really thought about electric music as being an outlet. It was until i was introduce to Dj called Chris, like for a 5 years ago and we attract together, anyway these kind of fits, these fits my voice, these fits my writing style and kind of felt my new home and now kind look back i love it.

To be honest my main goal its just to continue making music and to hopefully to continue making music that(1:48) people somewhere and hopeful keep on playing shows and put out more albums and more collaborations or whatever. Just keep on, keeping on. i find its really surprising to me in the electronic music journal, the fans are super supportive you know every time you walk on stage you feel like there are on your side as soon as you walk out there and the energy in the room is always so great and people follow the songs they know the words to the songs, they know what the Dj is playing. Every body heavily flows every thing on line.

I found with rock music and acoustic music even, if people were to it there were more reserved and they more like proved to us how good you are first and you have to win them over every time you went out there or as you walk out on stage, these dance festivals or clubs or whatever and every one is already having a good time, every body is hearts in it, and they are having good time and they are excited the minute you walk on stage. That’s really a cool feeling."

Emma Hewitt singing the acoustic version (Live performance)

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Comment by Alicia Neon on July 23, 2013 at 5:34am

i wish i could sing like her!!! 

i <3 emma!!

Comment by manuela lopez molina on July 22, 2013 at 4:45pm

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