Indie Video Game Lets You Take on 'Fake DJs'

The fact that most EDM artists and producers are more than frustrated by the popularity of certain DJs with questionable talents and credentials is well known and was once again highlighted with Deadmau5' recent blog tirade against Paris Hilton, who claims to be earning a cool $1 million a gig. One Spanish DJ has taken his frustrations to an even more creative level though, channeling his frustrations into a Kickstarter funded video game called 'Ghosts N DJs' The premise behind the 2D shooter is that the player plays as Dr Kucho (the creator himself) and makes their way through a series of scenarios to seek out and destroy pixelated foes who happen to look an awful lot like Paris Hilton, Pitbull and Pauly D, the latter being known as Pauly Douchebag in the game, and the only way to defeat him is to steal his mirror. So what prompted Kucho to put aside his music for a while to create the game? According to Kucho his game is “a project born from the love of music and…from the impotence of not being able to do anything against these fakers in the real world.” None too surprisingly a rather familiar face, a keen gamer, is one of the notable names who have been pushing the game, and the Kickstarter fundraiser attached to it, on social media:

So, What's the game actually like? Check out the gameplay trailers below.  

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