How all 1.26 billion Facebook users look like together

It looks like a badly tuned television, but the dots are all profile photos of the more than 1.26 million Facebook users together. Argentinian web designer Natalia Rojas brought them together on a website called 'The Faces of Facebook'.

The photos are arranged in chronological order, so the first is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The site lets you zoom in on any section so you can see who is next to whom. And by logging in to Facebook through the site yourself, you get to know where you are.

Rojas writes on the site that there is no privacy policies of Facebook are violated, the site saves nothing and no private information is used or stored.

Because the pictures are in chronological order, everyone stands next to anyone. Rojas: "Large families, women in burkas, many Lionel Messi's, (...) Indian gods, many marriages but no separation."

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