Welcome to our special guide for photographers and clubs. Crediting photographers is a hot topic in the world EDM. We therefore created this guide so that photographers or clubs can upload their photos directly throughout their own profile. Feel free to use this guide for non Dash Berlin events as well.

How to proceed:

Step 1: Create a profile as a club or photographer on Dash Berlin World.

Step 2: Open a new blog here.

Step 3: Add a blog title. Post the word photos, name of the artist(s) and venue/city in the title, for example:

  1. Photos: Dash Berlin in Mexico
  2. Photos: Dash Berlin in London at Ministry of Sound (18.10.13)
  3. Photos: Cosmic Gate at Wonderland in Canada

Step 4: Insert head photo, recommended format is 736x350 but other formats will work too. Use this button:

Step 5: Add some text about the event.

Step 6: Select 10 and max 20 of your best photos of the event. This sounds easier than it is. Good photographers can choose. Upload them one by one using the the same button that you just used for the lead photo.

Step 7: Add tags. If you photographed Dash Berlin use "Dash Berlin", if it is Cosmic Gate use "Cosmic Gate" more examples here.

Step 8: Click on publish and your blog will be ready!

Example post: 

Example minus mix: http://dashberlinworld.com/profiles/blogs/dash-berlin-live-dj-mix-s...

Post any outgoing links on your profile. Names of blog posters are visible so visitors can click through to your profile. We are working on a guide for our photo sectio. This is in the form of an album with photos inside. Send us a message if interested in posting there as well.

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