Gatecrasher Gets Stuck in Vent at Vancouver Dooms Night Event

Last week's Doom Night event in Vancouver, Canada was a huge success, with Martin Garrix and Dash Berlin headlining a night each to celebrate the event's eleventh anniversary. Most fans had a fantastic time as they were treated to two great nights of EDM excellence. For one man however, an attempt to get into one of the big shows without paying ended in disaster.

According to the local police department the event occurred during the first night of the festivities at the Pacific Coliseum. Before Martin Garrix took the stage event security and police spotted a man trying to enter the venue via a fire escape. He was apprehended and escorted out of the venue, but apparently that did not teach him a lesson.

After the concert ended, at about 2am, a member of staff was doing his last checks when he heard someone calling for help, although it took the man a while to figure out where the pleas were coming from as couldn't see anybody.

As it turned out the determined gatecrasher has snuck back into the venue, pried off a vent cover and attempted to get in that way. And promptly got stuck. Speaking to the local press the Coliseum worker said “I heard this ‘help me, help me… get help but don’t call the cops, I thought he was stranded on the roof I had no idea he was stranded in the vent.”

The authorities were called however,as it took the might of the Vancouver Fire Department to free the vent crasher, who was then promptly arrested. The moral here? Just pay for a ticket, it's much easier, and much safer!

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