Deadmau5 takes on ASOT, Armin Bites Back

Everyone knows that if there is an EDM 'King of the Trolls' to be crowned then the title would almost certainly have to awarded to Joel Thomas Zimmerman aka Deadmau5. After having a bit of a quiet spell after his Gumball Rally adventures, along with receiving the key to his hometown of Niagara Falls, Canada, the Mau5 must have decided he was a bit bored and needed to rattle the chains of Trance fans:

Obviously that caused an immediate uproar. Joel tweeted to fans to 'stop making me say shit' and then proceeded to expand on his opinions of trance:

In among the hate (and you know he got it) a couple of people issued Mau5 challenges. There was this fan:

And then there was this bloke, who knows more than a bit about ASOT:

Obviously Mau5 had a reply, offering a counter solution:

and an odd reminiscence:

finishing with a 'glimpse' at the kind of set he would play, if he did not have so many pressing feline issues to attend to:

When last known of, Deadmau5, who is now styling himself as 'The Lord of the Trance' on Twitter was sarcastically getting down to his domestic chores.

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