Dash Berlin World Presents: THE ASOT 700 CAMPAIGN TOP 50 #ASOTCAMP

There is only one planet Earth and there is only one Armin van Buuren. Emperor of the Trance scene, lord of the entrancing melodies, one man with an unstoppable passion for his music and his fans, a true innovator. Armin's "A State Of Trance" events can't be compared to anything else, they have to be experienced to fully understand the emotional impact they evoke. And the magic continues; the whole world is shivering with excitement for the coming of the magical number 700. 

Last time Armin encouraged us to open our minds for coming of the new horizons. Trance music is evolving, there is more to discover, more to be found. It's as if he was preparing us for next level, the next phase, challenging the worldwide ASOT community to go on a new and exciting journey into sound. New beats, new tempos, new rhythms and new melodies. It's time to show the world that the majority of the fans want to move forward. It's time to let go of the false nostalgia, time to be brave and to look into the future, to grow as a community and to make sure that the Trance scene will once again be the biggest scene the world has ever seen. Armin is leading the way, let us all salute the master and prepare ourselves for ASOT 700..

Dash Berlin World is proud to present, the kick off, of the ASOT700 campaign, get ready!

June update: Summer is so on right now and A State Of Trance is turning up the heat! Spain takes the lead this month with an incredible ASOT campaign and Ecuador continues to climb the charts. Keep up the awesome energy! Also, remember you get major bonus points for inviting your Facebook and Twitter fans to join and friend you here on Dash Berlin World. Thanks for all you are doing to make ASOT700 the most amazing worldwide trance event ever!!

July update: Our ASOT 700 contest cooled down a little in June with all countries holding their spots in the standings. Lots going on with new releases, music festivals, and of course the World Cup. Keep in mind this is all great content to keep your fans, followers, and friends engaged. Tune in to Dash Berlin World for great examples of photos, videos, and news to share with and help grow your social networks. Keep up the great campaigns, we are loving what we are seeing out there!

August update: Wow! Time flies by when you are having fun! A State Of Trance is just around the corner, so now is a great time to "Get Ready". This month we decided to shake things up a bit by welcoming Georgia, India, France, and Vietnam to the mix. Way to go with your worldwide ASOT700 campaigns!

September update: Holding positions with last month despite virtually all campaigns showing signs of growth. Remember, Dash Berlin World has a great collection of A State of Trance episodes, which makes great content for sharing across your international fan bases. Show some love and make some noise, this week's ASOT 678 features the premier of Armin van Buuren's new track #Hystereo and a #WeAre special with Dash Berlin!

October Update: Colombia jumps up! This month's ASOT700 campaigns are running strong and smooth. Just imagine... some people spend their whole lives looking for A State of Trance. Thanks to millions of fans around the world, especially our international social leaders, more of these people are finding what they have been looking for. Here's a huge THANK YOU to the people driving our worldwide countdown to ASOT700. Put your hands in the air! Come on!

November Update: Have you heard the news?! ASOT 700 is going to be taking it to the next level and we are going to get there together! This month we brought on Croatia, and boy have they shown up to the party! Maybe you have seen Vietnam making some noise on Dash Berlin World, but that's what it sounds like to continue climbing the charts! Also, we have to hand it to Santiago, who this month took their Facebook campaign to the next level, jumping up 5 spots and showing us all just what is possible! A State of Trance is getting closer, so let's rock this place!

December Update: Santiago and Ecuador are coming on strong this month. We're seeing some stirring of activity.​ A show for the fans by the fans, ASOT 700 is only a couple months away from launching and less than 10 episodes remain, so start the countdown and prepare to lift off! Make sure to check out http://festival.astateoftrance.com for more information and be sure to like https://www.facebook.com/ASOTFestival to stay up to date with all your #ASOTfest news. Thanks to all those participating in the A State of Trance campaigns on Dash Berlin World. We have a special challenge for you. Let's see if we can flex our collective dance muscle together to bring Australia on board!

December  Country / City    Likes    Followers     DBW  Total     DBW  
1 Spain 769 16400 910 18079 DBW
2 Mexico 4954 12000 0 16954 DBW
3 El Salvador 2277 6064 1450 9791 DBW
4 Colombia 641 4298 1200 6139 DBW
5 Peru 3507 2476 60 6043 DBW
6 Indonesia   3997 650 4647 DBW
7 Georgia 133 4200 30 4363 DBW
8 Ecuador 1491 2315 80 3886 DBW
9 Romania   1227 2450 3677 DBW
10 Morocco 1591 1018 570 3179 DBW
11 India   3128 10 3138 DBW
12 France 1206 1562 290 3058 DBW
13 Guatemala 2403 312 20 2735 DBW
14 Santiago 1884 247 370 2501 DBW
15 Kiev   2442 20 2462 DBW
16 Vietnam 1721   500 2221 DBW
17 Croatia 916 620 580 2116 DBW
18 Hungary 324 1223 10 1557 DBW
19 Portugal 452 413 450 1315 DBW
20 Uruguay 174 314 390 878 DBW
21 Netherlands     800 800 DBW
22 Bolivia 635 28 30 693 DBW

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