Dash Berlin vs Clément Bcx - 'I Take Care' [OUT NOW / PREVIEW / LYRICS]

Combining the specific skill set of Dash Berlin and Clément Bcx into this marvelous mash-up, ‘I Take Care’ sees the light of day. Seamlessly blending Dash Berlin’s powerful and energetic sound sets with the heartfelt emotion of Clément Bcx’s meritorious tune, this superb concoction is the best of both worlds.

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Dash Berlin vs Clément Bcx - 'I Take Care' Lyrics:

You are fall in love,
across the sun shining
You should let me go,
take by the wind
I take care, of your love,
baby don’t worry, be happy
I take care, of your sun,
I give you there, if you want play
I take care of you love
don’t be afraid, I’m ok
I take care of your sun,
I’m not blind, it’s not my time

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