Dash Berlin Launches Charity Initiative to Help Underprivileged Kids

What if you could add something new and cool to your accessories menu and do something really good for kids in need at the same time? Well, we have just the thing for you. Dash Berlin has teamed with Electric Family to offer a very special limited edition bracelet, the proceeds from which will benefit a cause that is very close to his heart.

The money raised via the sale of the bracelets will go to 'Giri Asih Foundation', a cause which Dash explained more about at the official launch.

"There is so much going on in this world, so much suffering, so many people in need, that it can become overwhelming sometimes. But I believe that doing something, no matter how small, is always better than doing nothing at all. I choose to keep most of the charity work that I do close to me, so I can see for myself where the money goes and what the results are. This is a very fulfilling feeling, to know for sure you are truly making a difference."

"The people of the Giri Asih foundation are personal friends and they do amazing work. The orphanage that they run is literally changing the lives and the future of the children. I've been financially supporting them for quite some time now and I have visited them many times. I've seen with my own eyes the impact of their work. I feel a deep personal connection with them and feel blessed that my music is actually helping to improve the lives of these children. The money that we raise with these bracelets will be on top of my regular donations, so it's going to be a big surprise for them."

The bracelets are black and blue in design (which goes with anything) and feature a logo enhanced silver clasp. Individually they retail for $13.00 each. Alternately you can opt for the three pack which also features bracelets in blue and gray and cost $29, which is quite the savings.

Ready to do your bit and to show off some great new swag? Then go pick up your Dash Berlin bracelets here.

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Comment by Sam Skrzeczynski on November 11, 2014 at 3:51am

I got mine a few days ago! Love it :) 

Comment by Dash Mode on October 22, 2014 at 11:31pm

That's so cool. Nice little story offering special thanks to Dash Berlin on the sponsors page too.

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