Ah yes, the time honored American tradition of sitting in traffic for hours on end to spend a 4 day weekend over-eating, watching football, and binge drinking with people we only ever see over the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. All joking aside, it is a time with the end of the year fast approaching to look back and reflect on all of the great things that we are thankful for in the past year. While you think on that for a bit, here are a few bangers to help you through your Thanksgiving holiday!

Something Trance

Could I have found a more aptly titled song for today? "Thank You" is a massive uplifting trance banger, remixed by the young Russian artist known as Dallaz Project. It starts off with a very airy, ambient intro, but slowly builds into a classic trance sound with a pulsating rhythm and siren like vocal samples that will put your entire body at ease after hours of family dinner time.

Something New

To be perfectly honest, I find myself somewhat skeptical of vocal edits that are released by the same artist after the success of the original instrumental version. I almost always like the original better, and the new vocals generally feel forced. This however, is not the case with the brand new vocal edit from skyrocketing superstars Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike. The managed to take their hit "Ocarina" to another level with some great vocal work from miss Katie B. These guys have already had an incredible year, but I expect even more things to come heading into 2014! 

Something Different

I've been all over the NJ duo Cash Cash after the release of their single "Take Me Home" a few months back. They bring a unique, upbeat, pop-driven sound to their music that I surprisingly really enjoy. As much as I love the original edit of this song featuring the amazing voice of Bebe Rexha, I may even like this Chainsmokers remix more. It's slightly edgier, and even adds in a little vocal rework that sounds awesome.

So aside from the standard great friends, loving family, health & happiness lines, what am I thankful for? You guys! Without the support of readers like you, I wouldn't be here at Dash Berlin World or writing at Banger of the Day either. And without all of the great artists working hard every day making the great music we all should be thankful for, not only wouldn't I have an audience, I'd have no material either. So a big thanks to all of you, enjoy your holiday, and give your loved ones an extra hug for me, yeah?

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Comment by Dash Berlin World on November 28, 2013 at 7:34pm

Three big bangers! Happy Thanksgiving

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