Bangers of the Week 39 (The Anti-Banger Edition)

One thing I love about the broader dance music scene is that you could literally make a 24 hour playlist with music appropriate for every part of the day. Whether you want to rage, dance, relax, jump, explore your mind, shuffle, sing along, or whatever, there is a song for you. Today, Bangers of the Week is going "anti-banger" checking out the deeper, slower, and chill side of dance music.

Something Trance

Did you know that not all Trance is spinning at 140 bpm. Some is much faster for certain, but some is just.. real.. slow.. What some refer to as "Deep Trance", this sub-genre share many of the structural elements of it's faster cousins, but is played at a cool 90-110 bpm. This track off of Cosmic Replicant's latest album Soul of the Universe is a perfect example. "Lost Signal" starts of very ambient and atmospheric, but that bassline is unmistakeably Trance. Listening to this track will definitely remind you where the genre got its name.

Something New

Veteran Italian techno producer Sam Paganini has a new album entitled Satellite that was recently released via Drumcode. Featuring a mix of different genres, Sam currates a very interesting sound. "Cosmo" was a track that really caught my ear because it was so hard to place. It's got this awesome topline that just sort of sounds like it's wandering about aimlessly, yet finally finds its way home beautifully.

Something Different

This tune was really the inspiration for the entire week. A deep, lounge track, the instrumentals are fairly minimal, just setting the stage for the incredible vocals. While a lot of electronic music can be rigid and robotic, it was interesting to hear such sexy, soulful, almost jazz or r&b style singing like this, and I loved it.

It is easy to get wrapped up in your comfort zone when it comes to music. This is true for both fans and producers alike. But it's amazing how many different sounds are out there, even just exploring under the umbrella of dance music.

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Comment by Dash Mode on October 15, 2014 at 5:50pm

Hey Sean, I like the way you talk about sound, and your playlist for this segment was a neat progression in itself.

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