Forget CDJs, try spinning a festival set on these dual phonographs. While most musicians are trying to stay on the cutting edge and produce the freshest  sounds, I have always been a huge proponent of diggigng through the archives and reconnecting with the past. It's weird for me to think that the early 2000's now counts as the past, almost a decade ago. Dust off these old classics on the third timewarp edition of Bangers of the Week.

Something Trance

While never really receiving the mainstream attention like Tiesto, Oakenfold, and others from his generation of DJs have, Judge Jules has definitely been atop the DJ world for the past 15+ years in his own right. A multi-talented producer, DJ, entertainment lawyer, and host of the Global Warm Up radio show, Jules exemplifies the British brand of trance that few have matched. This vocal single with Amanda O'Riordan is so early 2000s it hurts, but yet still sounds great!

Something New

Well, this track was something new on this date 10 years ago, and is actually the only song in the Beatport collection of House music with a release date of today, so I'm just lucky this idea worked out. But man, did I stumble upon an awesome sounding track here that makes me miss the beach and the summer immensely. "Solea" by DJ Pippi and David Penn is tropical sounding tune with a lot of Spanish flare. Keep this track in mind for your vacation 2015 playlist.

Something Different

Totally cheated on this one, but I think it still counts, as it's definitely something different. While everything from pop to indie to alt rock seems to be getting remixed by festival DJs these days, there are many fewer remixes of older music. This chill, dubstep edit by Disco Tramp of 1978's huge Police hit "Roxanne" changes that. Sampling Sting's iconic vocals, this is well done and is pretty cool.

It's always fascinating to me how much things change in music over time, and yet how the essence of electronic music remains in many ways the same. Was Martin Garrix even alive when those first two songs came out? But seriously, the names my change and styles will definitely evolve, but dance music has always been about bringing people together. Whether it be in 1980s Chicago clubs, warehouses in 90s rural England, or the massive festivals of today, we all still come together for our love of music!

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