After a long and stressful week of work, class, or just life, we are faced with two choices: take it easy, kick back and relax, OR go hard, because it's the weekend! While I'm definitely a proponent of both, this weekend I'm feeling the latter. Maybe it's some pent up rage or something, but today's song selections will remind you why it's called Bangers of the Week. Buckle up boys and girls, we're about to go hard!

Something Trance

I don't always listen to hard dance, but when I do, you bet I'm aggressively shuffling and jumping about. There is something about that pounding, distorted bassline that gets my foot stomping like I'm crushing empty aluminum cans. Today, I've got a hardstyle remix of none other than the trance legend himself, Armin Van Buuren. Dutch duo Audiotricz take the progressive pop sound of "This is What it Feels Like" and turn it on its head. Faster, harder, and bassier, this remix will get your heartbeat racing faster than a case of Red Bull.

Something New

From hard trance to hard electro, this new release from Stonebank on the Monstercat label is the definition of a banger. Although surprisingly melodic, this track features a whole lot of heavy bass and crunchy electro synths. Calling upon UK MC Whizzkid for the vocals, he gets this already amped up song super hype.

Something Different

I think I'm about to blow your mind right now. Hardwell hardstyle remix. This may be hard overload, but I had to do it. I'm talking harder than an advanced college quantum physics exam, Hardwell's latest big single Arcadia gets an intense rework from the Psyko Punkz. There is this great tension that's created between Luciana's beautiful vocals and the mounting drum and bass that comes to ahead when the hardstyle bass drops at the break.

I find it interesting (and awersome!) how some generally more underground styles like hard dance, drum & bass, deep house, etc. are gaining more mainstream popularity as the insatiable appetite of the world for new dance music can't be filled by the popular EDM sound alone. I think it's great for these artists, and great for the scene as a whole to start exploring different sounds. Now stop reading this and get your weekend started already!

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