Bangers of the Week 35 (Sayonara Summer Edition)

I've been so busy enjoying summer funtivities, that I completely let the entire month of August slip through my fingers like grains of sand from the beaches of Ibiza. And here we are, now already a week into September, with the late summer sunsets almost completely in the rearview mirror. While we still have TomorrowWorld in Georgia to look forward to, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, school is back in session, and Summer 2014 is just about in the books. Before I let it go for good, I thought I'd do one final post sharing a few more of my favorite songs of summer.

Something Trance

I'm not sure if you can talk about Summer 2014 without bringing up Above & Beyond's latest smash hit single, "Blue Sky Action". A perfect mix of sunny sky imagery, themes of making the most of the moments you have, and of course classic A&B melodic awesomeness, this was definitely one of the defining tracks of the second half of summer. UK based producer Grum recently gave this record a facelift, with a darker edge, pulsating bass, and almost ominous tone.

Something New

One of my favorite songs of a few summer's past, Chris Lake recently re-released his "Sundown" in the form of a new self-made remix. With its catchy guitar riff and beautiful vocals, the original edit of this track just screamed lounging on a tropical beach at sunset. This new remix is now made for an open air party or club, taking the original body, and throwing in some big room breaks.

Something Different

Canadian DJ and friend of the blog Shemce has been busy releasing a bunch of killer remixes lately, cultivating this sound that I just can't get enough of. Part deep house, part island beach party, and all summer, Shemce's tracks have blown me away like a Category 5 hurricane. One of my favorites, here for your enjoyment, is his remix of the Adrian Lux classic "Teenage Crime". While certainly not the first to remix this track, his edit is the only one I've heard to give it such an upbeat, electro-pop inspired feel. Everything is completely reworked, including the vocals. If ever there were a song to wrap an end of summer compilation, this would be it.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this summer as much as I have. 2014 has been a crazy year thus far, both good and bad. While things have gotten quite chaotic in many facets of life it seems, music is always a perfect escape, if even just momentarily. In a few months from now, when we are once again in the dead of winter, I definitely will need to come back to this post and escape back to summer.

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