Bangers of the Week 33 (Tomorrowland Edition)

While I may still be a little bitter about the defeat of the US team at the hand's of the Belgians in the World Cup, it's time to put those differences aside. For starting this Friday begins the 10th installment of one of the greatest music festivals on the planet, Tomorrowland, hosted in aptly named Boom, Belgium. In honor of kicking off the first of two weekend's in Boom, this Bangers of the Week will only feature music from the DJs who call Belgium home!

Something Trance

Although there is no shortage of great Belgian artists, not many have focused on trance music. One of my favorites that I've come across is Brussels native Laurent Véronnez, better known as Airwave. Véronnez has been producing for the last 14 years, but he keeps a very timeless trance sound. This 2002 remix of the Art of Trance single "Love Washes Over" shares many elements with modern uplifting trance, but hardly uses any drops or breaks, and emphasizes changes on the top melody and layering. It also has some downright angelic vocals that just make this track awesome.

Something ...Two

Well, it's new to me anyway, but why settle for one great Belgian when I can feature TWO Belgian superstars collaborating on one track. From Hoogstraten and Antwerp respectively, Basto and Yves V have been killing it in the progressive house game the past few years. When their powers combine, the result is the incredibly infectious floorfiller "CloudBreaker". I mean seriously, what a hook!

Something Different

I'm not entirely sure I've ever played any hardstyle here on DBW, but I supposed 33 posts in is just as good of a place to start as any! Our last Belgian artist is another 14 year veteran in the game Koen Bauweraerts, aka Coone. Hardstyle is clearly "something different" enough for me on its own, but Turnhout, Belgium native does us one better. Coone's remix of the Gareth Emery smash hit single "U" will have some of you wondering "Y?" but I actually think it's a pretty cool concept.

To all my friends and readers making the trip to Tomorrowland in the next two weekends, be safe and have an amazing time. Some of the best talent in the world will be behind the decks, but don't forget all the great local talent right there in Belgium too!

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