Every post, I start Bangers of the Week with either some introduction of a overarching theme that ties all the song selections together, or some joke about there isn't one. This week, all I'm saying is: Snoop Dogg Drum & Bass Remix.

Something Trance

I picked out some classic Above & Beyond for no reason other than I can. Released in 2007 as part of their Tranquility Base project, "Oceanic" features the highly melodic and airy style that is still quite present in many A&B tunes. This remix by Sean Tyas layers in a driving trance bassline, and gives it that extra punch that I love. I was trying to do some research on what actually constitutes Above & Beyond Presents Tranquility Base, but the interwebs have failed. If anyone can explain this to me, drop it in the comments. I'll love you forever!

Something New

Monstercat is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels to check out when I'm looking for new music. They seem to run the gamut when in comes to EDM subgenres, and there is a lot of cool stuff from young artist coming out of their camp. Although labeled as Glitch, this new release from producer Rogue is way funkier and more melody heavy than most Glitch. "Night After Night" features some amazing synths, and a rich harmony of sound that is quite impressive.

Something Different

I hooked you in with the intro, and now you've finally made it to what you started reading for in the first place (Thanks Buzzfeed!) I don't really know how I can say anymore than simply, this is a Drum & Bass remix of Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg's popular "Wiggle" by Audiomorphics.

No seriously, I'm done here.

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