Apparently I picked a horrible time to take a well needed ten days of vacation. In a span of slightly over a week while I was out, Dash Berlin dropped a bunch of info on their new album, now officially titled We Are, and then shortly after rocked an amazing closing set at EDC Las Vegas, which I've already listened to a handful of times. This is Dash Berlin World, so I thought I'd commemorate a huge week for the entire DB team with a very special We Are edition of Bangers of the Week!

WE ARE Trance Fans

As I mentioned in the intro, Dash Berlin seriously killed it in Las Vegas this past weekend. Hands down just an amazing set with plenty of new music, epic Dash-ups, and all the Dash Berlin singles we've come to expect from a set. If you haven't already checked it out via DBW, Sirius XM, or weren't there live, here is one more chance to view the entire set thanks to the Dash Berlin YouTube channel. I don't post many full sets on here, but this one is well worth the listen!

WE ARE Brand New

There is a lot of new music coming out trying to catch that summer vibe, and I'm ready and willing to hear all of it! It's been a while since I've been this excited for summer, all of the songs and activities that go along with it. This electro-pop single entitled "One in a Million" by R.I.O. and U-Jean has me pouring Pina Coladas faster than a bartender in the Bahamas. Don't be fooled by the catchy chorus (listen for it...), this beach-ready track still packs some serious drops.

WE ARE Innovators

If the original Bingo Players single didn't knock you out, this trap remix by Flaxo sure will! This track has been getting a lot of love from all across the EDM community, and for good reason. Whether it takes an electro, progressive, or trap slant, this song has incredible vocals and is a certified banger. NYC based Flaxo keeps everything that is great about this song, and gives it that heavy snare and bass sound we call Trap.

I was kidding a few weeks ago that the methodical release of We Are was on the edge of marketing genius and pure evil. While it slowly has felt like it's taken forever, the new Dash album is almost here! But once again, a huge congrats go out to Dash Berlin on an amazing set at one of my favorite festivals, and what is promising to be an exciting album. WE ARE Banger of the Day, WE ARE Dashers, and WE ARE done with our 30th ever Bangers of the Week!

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