The sun is setting later. The nights are heating up. Pools have officially opened. Festival season is upon us. This can all mean only one thing: Summer is here! Technically we still have a few weeks until the official start, but eff that. It's basically go time. Light up the grills, pull out the tiki torches, and turn up these summer inspired jams to get your party started!

Something Trance

Voted on of the top 40 trance hits of Summer 2013 on Beatport, "Laguna" by Protoculture manages to cram a whole lot of summer sound into one uplifting trance anthem. A native of South Africa, Protoculture has been a rising presence in the trance scene over the last 8 years. The airy vocals and deep sounds envoke images of a star-filled beach sky, and a dance party that doesn't stop until the sun comes up the next morning! Save this one for later in the night for the greatest effect!

Something New

From big time trance to major progressive house, we switch gears to this new release aptly titled "Summer Breeze". With it's massive progressive sound, this banger is amped up for the main stage. I couldn't find a whole lot on the Brazilian duo known as Kenshin & Zex, but they have released a few other tracks. All of them are just killers! This track is best served with burgers and the fruity drinks with the little umbrellas right as your night is getting started.

Something Different

I've all over the place with my tunage today. We'll slow things down a bit, with a funky chill-out jam from fellow Pennsylvanian Mob Device. This track, "In the Summer", has a liitle more bass and funk than most chill-out songs, but retains a cool, summer vibe and a fun vocal sample that you will be humming in no time.

After one of the coldest winters in my recent memory, I'm soo ready for summer fun. EDC is right around the corner, and a host of other outdoor fests across the globe will have the world dancing until sunrise. Even if you aren't heading out for festival season, there are plenty of other summer activities that are just that much better with some awesome music! So keep tuning in and turn up!!

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