Bangers of the Week 26 (The Weekend Edition)

I was joking on Twitter the other day that I've been spending way to much time working on "Banker of the Day" instead of "Banger of the Day", but so it goes sometimes. Nevertheless, Bangers of the Week is back, and just in time for the weekend! I'm not sure about all of you, but I haven't been looking forward to a weekend this much and a while. So no matter what your plans are, there is no better way to get things going than with these three tracks, hand picked with love, just for you!

Something Trance

I'm not sure how anyone could get mad at a Friday; I certainly won't! With a collaboration spanning the globe, Russian Spatial Plants and Mexican Futura combine to create this high speed Psy-Trance epic "Mad Friday". If you are feeling tired after a long work week, this track will have your heart racing to over 140 bpm faster than a double vodka & Red Bull.

Something New

Here is some fresh new music from Mr. Weekend Workout himself, Felix Cartal, and with a little extra help from a very talented female vocalist, Lily Elise. Another Chillstep track, "Let it Go" blends a relaxing, melodic tone with some dubstep inspired bass to keep your speakers happy. The genre continues to grow on me, and is a really interesting new style coming from Felix that sounds great!

Something Different

Controllering is an element of DJing that often goes unnoticed, but can result in some crazy new music. By programming a simple grid of buttons with preset samples, a DJ can turn Super Nintendo era, Mortal Kombat style button mashing into an artform. There are few better at this than Australian M4Sonic. This track takes a bunch of Skrillex samples from various songs, and turns them into something completely new, performed live.

Get ready for that weekend, because it's always the best time of the week!

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