Steve, a cake for #25? You shouldn't have!

This, quite honestly, may have been the most challenging Bangers of the Week to write for me yet. 25 posts, 75 bangers, a few of the most bizzarre themes for posts maybe ever, and one fantastic photoshop job, and the staff keeps letting me come back. For that, I thank you! But I wanted to do something meaningful for the 25th edition of Bangers of the Week. I thought of various themes, guest posts, etc. but kept changing my mind and putting it off. Until it finally dawned on me, I should play some music that is important to me. And what can be more important than the friends we make along the way in life's journey? Here are some fresh tunes from some of the great young artists I've had the sincere pleasure of working with over the past year or so!

Something Not Really Trance at All

I realized way to far down the path of this post that none of my friends make any trance music.. I'll need to fix that. Anyway, this first song is from an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/producer/DJ that I'm still incredibly honored to have had a chance to work with last summer. Monika Santucci, who calls California home, doesn't make your standard electronic music. She rocks this cool indie-electro-pop sound that she completely makes her own. "Asleep" is one of my favorites tracks off of her latest EP S.A.F. which just released back in March!

Something New

Matt Harold is one of the first artists I met when I first launched my site, and he's kept in touch, sending me knew music from time to time ever since. It's been kinda cool watching his style change and his skills grow over a year. This kid has some serious talent, and works in a range of styles. I absolutely love his latest track, which starts off pretty mellow, but actually builds up into a nice upbeat mix, led by an incredibly catchy guitar riff. I have no idea what "Jersey Club" music is, but if this is what it all sounds like, sign me up!

Something Different

Now that you are all warmed up, time to blow your speakers up with this last one. The Bass Cadettes are relatively new to the Banger of the Day circle, but the duo of Tori Avallone and Sal Capuano have more than earned their place, playing along with the fun interview we put together, and providing me with some killer music. Part trap, part hardstyle, and all face melting bass, this remix they put together of Vaski's "Baddest" doesn't mess around. Make sure you have your seatbelts fastened and your tray tables stowed in the upright and locked position before taking off with this one.

And that's all she wrote. I won't have to worry about anything like this for another 25 weeks! I hope you enjoyed all of the different music. If so, make sure you show all these guys some love on twitter and soundcloud! They are all out there working hard and following their passions, and making great music too. Getting a chance to support artists like Monika, Matt, Tori, Sal, and many others is why I love what I do, and while you'll still see me doing this even when I'm at Bangers of the Week 525!

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Comment by Dash Berlin World on May 9, 2014 at 10:00am

Congrats with Bangers of the Week 25! Asleep is beautiful. Replaying now.

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