Bangers of the Week 24 (Kentucky Derby Edition)

I'm not sure about you all, but as you can tell, Jeff and I are more than ready for the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby. Although the actual race itself takes less time than any of the songs I've chosen today, for some reason, it's a huge deal here in the States. Known mainly for the fancy hats and excessive bourbon drinking that go along with it, the Kentucky Derby is one of those great American traditions that no one really understands, but will celebrate anyway. I have no idea how I actually put together a whole themed post around this, but I did. And they're off!

Something Trance

Not sure if I could have chosen a more appropriately named song to start things off if I tried, "The Race" by Italian producer Luca Antolini I believe is my first foray into hard trance on the site. Maybe because of the aggressive dancing associated with it, or maybe because of the break-neck tempo of much of the music, but hardstyle has never really been my style. However, there is something about this track in particular that really draws me to it. There is a lot more going on behind the pounding bassline, and it's really an energetic track that has me pumped up for a race.

Something New

I'm giving you a double dose of trance today! No reason other than because I can, and because I heard another new Armada release that fortunately I could spin as fitting in with today's theme. Horseracing, like life, is all about winning. For a little extra motivation for all the jockeys out there reading this (who knows?), here is a new one from Fady & Mina and Geert Huinink entitled "I'm Never Going to Fall Behind"! A complete 180 on the trance spectrum from "The Race", this is nothing but uplifting gloriousness.

Something Different

I never expected to have to say this...well ever, but thank you Katy Perry. Her single "Dark Horse" has actually gotten quite a bit of play from various producers across the EDM community, and some of the mixes I've heard are, dare I say, kinda cool. This house mix from 18 yr old Melbourne producer Swanson is no exception. I don't think this song has anything to do with horse racing, but count it!

Show, Place, Finish! I don't know, those are horse words. You are now about as ready as you can be for the Kentucky Derby from reading an electronic music blog. And I just have to say, if my picture doesn't make it into the next Dash Berlin press kit, I'll be more than a little disappointed. That's got next album cover written all over it! (Please don't fire me)

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Comment by Sam Skrzeczynski on May 2, 2014 at 1:46am

I'd love to see Jeff remix something of Prism. I know he would do another great release :)

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