The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated release of "Dragonfly" by the big boss man himself, Dash Berlin, and the incredibly talented Carita La Nina is here at last. While it's definitely an interesting departure from the sound we've come to expect from the Dash team, what it means for Dash Berlin's future music productions and new album is yet to be seen. I for one am incredibly excited to hear what comes next. For now, let's take a moment to celebrate "Dragonfly" with some other... uh... Dragonfly themed tracks in the latest Bangers of the Week that will have have you shakin your booty even more than the girl in the cover photo!!


Something Trance

Not to be confused with "Dragonfly", VenSun's "Dragon Flies" is not about a species of fly that looks like a dragon, but a species of dragon that, well, flies. It's been a while since I've taken biology, so hopefully I got that right. Anyway, VenSun is the latest project by French House producer David Vendetta and vocalist Sylvia Tosun. Vendetta's latest single got a whole lot of love after the Disco Fries released their big time progressive remix of the tune. However it's today's remix, by the Stereojackers and Mark Loverush, that really caught my ear. Completely jumping genres, they take Tosun's amazing vocals and turn this into an uplifting trance banger!


Something New

Pause with me for a second, and imagine dragons. Now, imagine Imagine Dragons covering "Dragonfly" and "Dragon Flies" while riding dragons. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Imagine Dragons are the runaway-succes alternative rock band from Las Vegas best known for their single "Radioactive". Once again, their music has fallen victim to the dance music community. This time, the song is "Demons" and the remixers are the White Pandas. While retaining plenty of its alt rock feel, the White Pandas subtley shift into a floor-filling electro dance vibe in this sure-to-please new remix.


Something Different

I don't know if this one counts as Something Different so much as its Something Else That Also has the Word Dragon in it Somewhere. That being said, this one definitely won't disappoint. In what may be a first for the Banger of the Day franchise, we have an artist by the name of Funky Dragon, who hails originally from the nation of Serbia. Dance Music truly is a global phenomenon! Another trance track for the day, but this one has a much trippier, spacey vibe, as insinuated by the mesmorizing visuals that accompany it.


I hope you all enjoyed a bunch of tracks that essentially had nothing to do with "Dragonfly". I did my best. But I'll let you get back to the real reason you are all here! Make sure you grab a copy of "Dragonfly" today, and cheers to Dash Berlin on their latest single, and many more to come!

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