In honor of Dash Berlin's recent Australia tour, to show a little love to our brothers and sisters Down Under, because I think the word "Dashtralia" is hilarious, and mostly so I could lead off with a picture of the Nervo sisters, this week's post will feature nothing but the best Aussie artists in the dance music game. Electronic music seems to have been just blowing up in Australia as of late, as evidenced by the crazy summer of festivals and tours that have made their way through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbaine and the like. But Australia has also embraced it's own music scene, with plenty of local talent ready for the global stage!

Something Trance

I feel like the Something Trance section this week was a little bit of a murder mystery daytime drama type ordeal. I admittedly know nothing about Australian trance, so I knew it would take some investigating, but all sources lead to Mike Nichol. Hailing from Melbourne... well that's really all I could seem to find. His website is gone, and he apparently cut ties to all of his social media in late 2012. But there are still some amazing trance tracks of his floating around on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Something New

Well it wouldn't be a real collection of Australian dance music without something from the legendary Tommy Trash. Bangers on bangers from this Queensland native, Trash has just been crushing the electro house game the past few years. "Monkey in Love", one of his biggest original productions last year, gets a new remix treatment care of a talented young Swedish producer named Deficio.

Something Different

This last one is definitely something different from what I normally share on here, but you know what, it works. Sydney's bass and tech house maestro Tom Piper teams up with a couple of UK born MCs to deliver "Can't Kill the Party". While definitely a rockin party anthem doused with hip-hop lyricism, it's still got this cool, minimal bass vibe underneath that's true to Piper's sound. 

By no means a complete list, there are countless other rising stars that call Australia home, and hopefully you are now inspired to seek out some more on your own. If there some other Aussie artists you think I need to check out, leave them in the comments or let me know on twitter @bangeroftheday. Cheers mates!


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