Back by Popular Demand: Dash Berlin returns to Euphoria by Ministry of Sound (MOS) deck.

Germany may have given birth to trance music, but without a doubt, it’s Netherlands that has been giving birth to the world most dashing and orgasmic DJs to date. Dash Berlin, one of the most recognizable and rising star in the EDM scene today, returns to Kuala Lumpur exclusively back on Euphoria by MOS decks due to popular demand. Dash Berlin’s piercing and delectable sounds which are gathered in heavenly tracks such as ‘Till the Sky Falls Down’, ‘Man On The Run’ and ‘Never Cry Again’ just to name a few has left their fans heart melted and demanding for more. Once was not enough and the suppressed needs of the fans were granted as their request has been fulfilled as the man returns to offer yet another night of euphoria and delirium. Who would have forgotten that energetic night experienced last January. The memory of it still lingers in the air. Are you stoked or what?



Born as Jeffrey Sutorius formed Dash Berlin back in 2007 with fellow friends and producers; Kalberg and Molijn. Dash Berlin first big break to fame came from the sacred track ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ which immediately populated and topped the trance chart worldwide raising his potential and talent whilst making him one of the hottest property in the electronic dance music scene. Shortly after that, he was signed by Armin Van Buuren whose reputation exceeds and excels from description for Armada records. That start-studded reputation that struck and brought him to glory was just the beginning of a long journey towards success for the Dutch born DJ. Many timeless tracks followed and conquered the hearts of his fans which start popularizing him worldwide with solid fan base globally.


The sweet glory later gave headways for him to come up with his own record label ‘Aropa’ and his first production ‘Man on The Run’ not only took a rapid shot to the top, it was also nominated as the ‘best trance track’ of the year in 2009 at the Trance Annual Award. In 2010, a DJ poll for top 100 DJs carried out by DJ Mag saw Dash Berlin safely securing the number 15 spot from DJ Andy Moor and way ahead of fellow Dutchmen Afrojack and one of the world finest, Laidback Luke. What an impressive rise.


Dash Berlin’s open character and newly founded status as one of the world’s Top 20 ranked DJ list has definitely added a booze to his career. We throw some question and share with you the height and dreams of a mega star which is still rising without boundaries. Hold no doubt, Dash Berlin has remained faithful to his roots and for the mere reason, he is one of the most humble and easy going DJ you will ever meet.


Fluxed!: Hi, Jeffrey. It’s so nice to meet you. So, you are coming back to Euphoria by Mos for the second time in less than a year due to popular demand. Last time, you delivered a magnetic set which left your fans wanting for more. So what can your fans expect from you this time around?

Dash Berlin: Hello

, its great meeting you too. I have to say that for the last 6 months a lot of stuff happened; a lot of remixes came out and new productions were released. That’s something extra for me to put out for the Malaysian crowd this time around for I will have more to deliver. For me, it’s like giving and receiving. So, I’m curious of the Malaysian’s crowd reaction as well.


Fluxed!: ‘Till the Sky Falls Down’ is one of many heavenly tracks from you which also contributed to your major success worldwide. Take us through the process and the story behind ‘Till the Sky Falls Down’.

Dash Berlin: Well, after meeting my producers in the record shop where I use to work in, we became friends and started working together at their studio. One of our first creations was ‘Till the Sky Falls Down’. It so happened that Armin Van Buuren picked it up for his ‘Universal Religion’ compilation and started playing it everywhere. And that’s when people started noticing Dash Berlin. We were immediately placed under a magnifying glass at that point. That kinda sky rocketed everything for me until the day of today. And from that point onwards I kept on working on new tracks and remixes with my boys until today.


Fluxed!: Impressive. Armin Van Buuren signed you to Armada Records shortly after the huge success of ‘Till the Sky Falls Down’. How did that help your career?

Dash Berlin: As I’ve stated earlier, it truly placed us under a magnifying glass. He has really been influential for me. People started noticing this track, the way it was build up and the way it was made. It was something refreshing at that time in trance music and it was well accepted and that became the beginning of everything for me.


Fluxed!: Congratulation for entering the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll at number 15. Was the high rank expected or came as a surprise?

Dash Berlin: It came as a complete surprise. I see it as a gift from my fans and all those people who have been supporting me and I am really happy for that. From the way I see it, it’s unusual to me because you have to see it like a few years ago I was working in a record shop, just selling records to DJs, friends and people who came into the record store. And a few years later, all of a sudden I was in this all round magazine which is handling a lot of well known DJs, artist and a lot of creative talents. Sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder what am I doing there? It’s a big list and a lot of people look up to it and it was a really huge surprise to me that I was in there. On the other hand, it goes a little bit sideways to me, I am very happy that I was in the list but even if I wasn’t I will still be doing what I am doing today. This support means a lot to me and it’s a very huge gift from my fans.


Fluxed!: It is well deserved status and rank. Ok, what do you do when you are not touring or producing?

Dash Berlin: Well, there’s not much time in between. If I have the time, I would like to do some sports; soccer perhaps. But the most important thing for me is catching up with my friends and family. That’s what important to me.


Fluxed!: Today, tracks can be downloaded digitally from popular sites such as Beatport and can be purchased directly from iTunes. It’s an internet revolution which is at the end of anyone’s finger. How much of this has affected the production and sales of vinyl in your opinion?

Dash Berlin: Greatly. I use to work in a record shop before so I saw it with my own eyes how vinyl sales drop dramatically. But on the other hand the world opened because of internet. DJs fly everywhere and producers can bring their music everywhere and it is way easier. So that’s a plus point for it. Nowadays the production of vinyl is more as a collector’s item and that’s why people still make vinyl for diehard fans and for collectors including me. I still play vinyl at home every now and then. I still enjoy it very much.


Fluxed!: What is your recipe to success?

Dash Berlin: I think there is no recipe for success. Everything in life comes and goes as it is. I think the most important thing is to stay confident, believe in yourself and stay true to yourself Hold on to the chances you get and you are already on the right path in life. Whether life takes you to the max or not, it is also your decision. How you make the success for yourself. Keep working and always have confidence.


Fluxed!: How is ‘United Destination’ coming along?

Dash Berlin: It’s coming out pretty well. I’ve been working on it since March when the release was done. I finished the mixes itself for the annual CD for ‘United Destination’ in Miami. I have to say the reaction so far has been overwhelming. It’s hard to live up to the expectation of the first release but I think we took it a step further in a way of mixing choices of the records and I’ve been selecting records even from months before to come up with the right choices for the compilation. I hope everyone will enjoy listening to it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.


Fluxed!: We definitely will. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your set in Euphoria by MOS.

Dash Berlin: Thank you and I hope you will enjoy it.


Once again, Dash Berlin delivered a successful conclusion to his set in MOS. An estimated of 2,000 over fans flooded the floor of MOS to witness and relived the experience that was delivered earlier this year. Hence the fact this was his second visit to Kuala Lumpur, it did not stopped his fans from coming back and dance to his heavenly set. The energy was supreme as Dash Berlin kept the crowd at Euphoria captivated with his music and also his interaction. Fliers signed specially by him were distributed to the crowd as they swung to grab the souvenirs.  Dash Berlin is one story to be told and here’s one DJ who draws the crowd like inveiglement with his enticement. Well, what else can we say, with that amount of people in MOS, we almost felt we were literally at Electric Daisy, so to say. No doubt that he is the jazz; a whole new fresh gift to the trance world. For the amount of success that he has been riding on and still staying true to his roots, here’s an attitude should be adapted by every DJ there is in the world. Fluxed! team signing off from Euphoria by MOS with one memory that will be dear to our heart. Till we see the whiz master again, we will keep the memories alive and keep tuning in to his website for latest updates.




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