ATB Interview: "Right now I'm working on new albums" (Video Inside)

Interviewer: Two years ago, you've played at the very first Trancefusion Party. How does it feel to return to the place where it all begins?
Andre: The last time was the first Trancefusion?
Interviewer: Yes.
Andre: And I was there. I think it was the time I played with Dash Berlin together. We had a great time. You know I'm always happy when things still--- be alive---you know, I always wish that pro-checks have been done when they do it with their full heart, they survive and that---as I see it's alive and I'm happy about it. And I wish you all the luck for the future.
Interviewer: What are your thoughts about the concepts of Trancefusion: Ocean of Love?
Andre: When you do events like this, you know, you have to do different concepts. If you have Heaven and Hell thing, then it's kind of different things. I'm not always a fan of 'Give the child a name' but I think when you say Heaven and Hell everybody can assume what it is. When it's music wise I assume that Heaven is more Trance thing and Hell is more the hot thing. So it's a cool thing and I-- I think you have more of the two stages, huh? I think it's a good idea to have a stage, you know, for presenting the local act and so I liked this idea and so I'm look for --what's on my Heaven stage. I think when we go up there, I had to look out there and I saw the people already in a good mood so I'm excited.
Interviewer: You've mixed 1 of the 5 CDs of the ASOT 600 compilation. Based on what did you choose tracks for it?
Andre: What is not really clear on the CDs is that I was asked for doing a classic CD and I was---I talked to the boss of Armada , I met him in Hamburg and he was like--- we do some tricks together---he was like--do you want to do a classic music for the next CD? I said "yeah" I never have done a classic CD. I'm not happy about--that it's not there on the CD because when you see the track, it's clear that I choose classic tracks, but it's not signed as classic tracks from ATB so I was happy to had the opportunity to do a classic-mixed CD and we listen to the-- for me it was a right back into time, you know-- when I mixed it, it was--it's kind of the old Trance times, I was happy to have the opportunity to mixed for them so I hope the people liked it.
Interviewer: Will we get some new ATB music this year?
Andre: Right now I'm working on the new albums, I can tell you that. And the plan is, if I'm happy with it, I never can promise when the album will be released. But if everything is working well and finish it at the time i want it to finish it, it will be released in the second half of this year. So it will be out on October, November or September--whatever in this year--- so I'm working right now on it. I already have, you know--- I've already worked out these single ids, you know, so there are already three singles so it's different but it's still ATB. I can't tell you too much about it. it's always hard to talk about music but I'm pretty sure, we'll have the new album this year very soon.
Interviewer: Is there already the title for the new album?
Andre: The name is not born. Mostly it's not that hard to get a music video album but for me it's always really hard to find the name for the album; a name for my new child. So whenever I have the new-- the album name, I'm more confident to tell you about---to tell you more details about it.
Interviewer: Tell us more about your new project--ATB IN CONCERT
Andre: We started right now to publish all the things and so it's not a secret anymore. I started the ATB IN CONCERT in US this year so we will have four c...--- we start in New York, Chicago and then we go to San Francisco and LA. So I'm really excited about it but it's a lot of work till there, because there are a lot of audience on the stage and a lot of new songs and still a lot of work to do but I'm really excited for this project and then after this we think about--to bring this ATB IN CONCERT more spread out to the world.
We started in Poland, now we go to the US and let's see---we go to Germany maybe Czech Republic, we are open for any country on this planet so it's just a start but I think this ATB IN CONCERT project will get bigger and bigger in the future. It's kind of unique, it's not just a DJ thing, it's really a live concert---live musicians---it's really different, it's hard to explain. We have to feel the experience--I can't tell you more about it in person.
Interviewer: What would be your message to all the starting DJs and producers?
Andre: What I want to tell all these-- the new comers , the creative people behind the camera---what I'd say is-- it's really hard time for music, not for electronic music, in fact, it's really hard to get your music to the people but on the other side it's--through the internet---it's easy to publish yourself. the main thing to get your music out to the world is to do something different, do something unique, don't copy other things. This is what I think. Right now, we are right there-- where millions of producers whatever they call themselves--- it's a lot of copying. Sometimes I feel there's so much music there--I've already heard because it's just templates, and everybody is copying each other and I think the way to have a great success these times is being unique--believe in yourself and be unique. Try to do your own thing--that's very important.
Interviewer: Can other DJs inspire you, too?
Andre: Of course, I'm inspired. I get inspiration from a lot of things but the main thing for me is always to be unique-- from one album to another I want to be different but the main ATB thing has to be there and that's very important for me. On the other side I always want to do something unique. Of course, it's easy to do something you can be sure of your DJ's playing and it sounds like all the other things; it's easier to get it on the dance floor but I’m not like this. I want to do something unique even if it sounds different for people it's more interesting because you do your own thing and I just couldn't tell the people out there---do your own thing---that's more interesting
Interviewer: Thank you, Andre!

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