ATB - Contact (Album) (2013) [Out On: 24.01.2014] + Tracklist + Minimix!

André Tannenberger a.k.a. ATB has eight successful studio albums , a Best Of CD and DVD, eight mix compilations and several hit singles on a remarkable continuity in his successful career as a musician and DJ. ATB 2013 by the British DJ Mag , the world's leading dance magazine , was voted in the top 20 of the Most Popular DJs In The World Of All Time . No wonder Andre Tanne Berger plays but as a DJ now in clubs, halls and at festivals around the world . A guarantee for the success is in addition to his skills as a DJ to the extremely high quality standards , with the André 's approach to his songwriting and producing his tracks . Also on his album Contact convinced ATB with new songs that lift the boundaries between dance and pop effortlessly. André wrote again fantastic songs , which he recorded with artists from different musical genres in his studio. In addition to the aufwartenden with many potential hits album all versions include a second CD that can be found on the predominantly quieter ATB songs that underpin the range of his artistic work on.

Release Date : 24.01.2014 

Label : Kontor Musik


01. ATB feat. Sean Ryan - When It Ends It Starts Again 
02. ATB with Boss and Swan - Raging Bull 
03. ATB and JES - Together 
04. ATB feat. Stanfour - Face To Face
05. ATB feat. Boss and Swan - Beam Me Up 
06. ATB and JES - Hard To Cure 
07. ATB feat. JanSoon - Now Or Never 
08. ATB feat. Sean Ryan - Straight To The Stars 
09. ATB with Boss and Swan - Walking Awake 
10. ATB and Taylr - Everything Is Beautiful 
11. ATB feat. JanSoon - What Are You Waiting For 
12. ATB feat. Tiff Lacey - Still Here (ATB's Anthem 2014 Version) 
13. ATB feat. Vanessa - Arms Wide Open 
14. ATB and York feat. JES - Right Back To You 

01. ATB - Contact 
02. ATB - Trace Of Life 
03. ATB feat. Stefan Erbe - When Angels Travel 
04. ATB feat. Anova - Jetstream 
05. ATB - Supersonic 
06. ATB feat. Fade - Pacific Avenue 
07. ATB - Red Sun 
08. ATB - The Mission 
09. ATB - Love The Silence 
10. ATB - Cursed By Beauty 
11. ATB - Galaxia 
12. ATB feat. Anova - Breathe 

01. ATB feat. JanSoon - Now Or Never (Junkx Remix) 
02. ATB with Boss and Swan - Raging Bull (Junkx Remix) 
03. ATB feat. Stanfour - Face To Face (Rudee Remix) 
04. ATB feat. Sean Ryan - When It Ends It Starts Again (Original Instrumental Version) 
05. ATB feat. Stanfour - Face To Face (ATB In Concert Live In New York) 
06. ATB and JES - Hard To Cure (ATB ln Concert Live In New York) 
07. ATB In Concert Video - Exclusive Behind The Scenes ATB US Tour Video 



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