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Watch: The Novation Story 22 Years On

It has been 22 years since Novation first debuted their line of visionary hardware and essentially changed the world of electronic music for good. Now, in celebration of that fact the company has produced a video 'Maestros - The Novation Story', a 20 minute look at the evolution of the company. For instance did you know that the whole concept was born out of co…


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Revealed: The Roland ARIA is not an it, it is four its

Having been teased by Roland for weeks, if not months, about exactly what their much anticipated ARIA offering might actually be, apart from an upgraded version of the iconic Roland TR-808, less than a week ahead of its official release it turns out that 'it' is not a singular thing at all, it is a range of four separate instruments.



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Photo Leak: The Roland System 1 Synthesizer! (Full resolution pic inside)

Roland keeps surprising us. This time Roland leaked a photo of the Roland System 1 Synthesizer! Check the full resolution photo below:…


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Fedde Le Grand in his Studio

Rare inside look of Fedde Le Grand working in his Studio.


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Introducing the BreakTweaker

Billing itself as " a drum sculpting and beat sequencing machine that blurs the line between rhythm and melody" BreakTweaker is the latest innovation from BT and iZotope. Its appearance, as heralded by the YouTube video below, drew a pretty mixed response so far, but even just to play about with it for a while looks like it would be pretty good fun.…


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Update: Photo Leak! / Roland Tease a Reborn TR - 909

Another vaguely mysterious video has been posted by Roland ARIA, this time discussing the evolution of TR - 909. So just what is behind the promised big February reveal? Are they going with a reborn TR-08 AND a reborn TR - 909? Combining the two? Going to have to wait to February 15/16 to find out for certain just what the new ARIA range will consist of, but it's sure…


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Build Your Own Real Korg MS-20

Were you one of those kids (like me) who used to struggle with those model kits for hours, fiddling with dozens of tiny pieces and really bad instructions just so you could build a plane or a robot? Well you may have progressed beyond that stage now but the folks at Korg have a new challenge for you; a build your own MS-20.

Now we are not talking the MS-20 Mini here…


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Meet the Brand New Pioneer DDJ-SZ all in One DJ Controller

Let's face it, DJs love shiny techy stuff and Pioneer is a company that has always been very good at satisfying those desires and their new DJ controller looks like it is certainly not going to disappoint.

The DDJ-SZ is the last in the Serato DJ controller series and offers some pretty amazing functionality in a single interface. It will,…


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Kim Dotcom launches his Baboom Streaming Service with His Own Dance Album

Kim Dotcom has never, ever, been a shy guy and he certainly knows how to milk every bit of publicity he can get to the max. The former Megaupload chief has a new venture to launch right now and in order to help do so he has released his own dance album. An album that is SO tongue in cheek cheesy it almost becomes listenable (check out a…


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Watch: Loco Dice Play for a Record Breaking 18 Hours in Miami

A few weeks ago Loco Dice headed back to Miami determined to break his own record for the longest set. And he did it, playing 18 hours straight at Club Space. For your convenience however, Club Space created this minute long time lapse to chronicle the marathon event:…


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Watch: Emoh Instead on becoming a Successful Producer

Disclaimer: This actually really IS an educational video.

Australian producer Chris Emerson - aka Emoh Instead - recently gave a talk on all kinds of aspects of becoming a successful producer as well as the working process between him and Harley Streten aka Flume. Watch and learn.…


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Watch: How to Make the Perfect EDM Track and Top the Beatport Charts.

In the interests of education, and to help out the many would be producers sitting in their bedrooms right now trying to come up with that one amazing EDM track that will catapult them to stardom the folks over at U4eA have created this informative step by step guide which demonstrates what they think will be the best way to create that one…


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Watch: What Happens to a Hardcore Band When They Don't Pay Their Engineer - They Get a Free EDM Remix

Sooo..there was a band of teenagers out in LA. Nice bunch of boys but they want to be a hardcore/postpunk outfit, a bit like Bring Me the Horizon. They write a song, a rather sad song about some chick called Daisy. They rent themselves a studio and then hire a local engineer called Dan to help make them sound a bit better, a little more…


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Update: FULL SPECS LEAK! // Roland teases the Aira TR-808, the next evolution of the TR-808 drum machine

Way back in the 80s the clever engineers at Roland unleashed the TR-808 drum sequencer on the world and in doing so the Japanese company sowed the seeds for the evolution of EDM, hip hop and pop music in general for the next three and a half decades.

As iconic as the TR-808 is, every invention has its next level and Roland are ready to…


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KV331 Calls out Martin Garrix on Cracked Software

Oh dear. In a recently posted YouTube video Animals hitmaker and teenage wunderkind Martin Garrix was demonstrating just how he evolved his chart buster over several years. Interesting stuff but software makers KV331 noticed something else and took to Twitter to (rather nicely) call him out about it:…


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Knife Party's Rob Swire Showcases His New Recording Studio

After having a bit of a Twitter meltdown last year Rob Swire announced that Knife Party would be going on hiatus and both they and Pendulum would be back with a new album each next year. Apparently he made good use of the break though by overseeing the construction of a brand new studio, pictures of which he shared recently on Twitter. Even…


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Interview with Martin Garrix in the FC Walvisch Studio Part 1

Martin Garrix sat down with Dutch radio legend Wessel van Diepen in the FC Walvisch Studio. Wessel asked him about almost everything going on in his life. This is Part. Part 2 and 3 will follow shortly.…


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Hardwell in the Studio with Tiesto

Hardwell is back in the studio and he appears to be working with his 'spiritual brother' Tiesto, if this Twitter shot is anything to go by. It's going to be interesting to see what these two come up with.


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Upcoming Afrojack and Snoop (Lion) Dogg collaboration

Afrojack and Snoop (Lion) Dogg already performed together at the MTV EMA Europe Awards. And now everything points in the direction of a collaboration. Afrojack just…


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Avicii and Wyclef Jean working together in Avicii's Studio in Sweden

It seems like we might hear a collaboration between Avicii and Wyclef Jean soon. Avicii just tweeted that he and Wyclef have been working in Avicii's studio in Sweden for ten days.


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