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Laidback Luke Documentary

Although senior Luke does not know what it exactly is that his son's music is more unique than other DJs but he knows that Laidback Luke is very successful. With hits like "Break The House Down" and international collaborations including Daft Punk and David Guetta, Laidback Luke knows to put his stamp on to the dance world. He is also very committed to emerging talent such as…


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Interview: Armin van Buuren explains how he produced 'Suddenly Summer'

Armin van Buuren goes in the studio and explains how he produced 'Suddenly Summer'.



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ATB Interview: "Right now I'm working on new albums" (Video Inside)

Interviewer: Two years ago, you've played at the very first Trancefusion Party. How does it feel to return to the place where it all begins?
Andre: The last time was the first Trancefusion?
Interviewer: Yes.
Andre: And I was…

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Interview Armin van Buuren: "I know my daughter will love me regardless of any success" (Video Inside)

EPIC EDM Interviews Armin Van Buuren. 

EPIC EDM: What’s happening? It’s your boy V. we got Dj van Buuren, number 1 five times: Armin Van Buuren. Just speak up men. What’s that all about? Armin van Buuren:

I don’t know i just, i guess i have the most loyal funs in the world you know. That’s the only thing i can say. Some people say like am…


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Update: Live Be Your Sound Acoustic // Interview Emma Hewitt: "I was a very terrible waitress" (Video Inside)

Sauce Hockey Interviews Emma Hewitt.

Emma Hewitt: "I took a very long time for that to become my real job and I was a very terrible waitress and also terrible at a lot other things a long the way. I always made sure that I never put too much focus or energy into anything other than music, so I was not distracted from it.



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Interview: It-Violinist Miri Ben-Ari

VIBE Interview: It-Violinist Miri Ben-Ari Talks Kanye West, Jay Z And Michelle Obama

Jessica Wunsch Posted June 20, 2013…


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Interview: tyDi + Global Gathering Festival Mix

This week Paul Thomas caught up with Australian DJ and Producer tyDi to find out what we can expect from his set in the Godskitchen Fusion Cube this summer at GlobalGathering UK!

You made your debut at GlobalGathering last summer, how did you find the festival?

Incredible! GlobalGathering is one of the best festivals I played…


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Interview: Armin van Buuren's Reviews his latest album 'Intense'

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Interview: Armin van Buuren on the Wendy Williams Show

Find out how Armin became one of the world's most popular DJs and what it was like performing recently for the new King and Queen of Holland.

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ASOT Google Hangout Interview: Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz as the New World Punx

Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz Interview in the A State of Trance Google Hangout as the New World Punx.…


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The ASOT600 Experience - An Interview with Armin van Buuren

He is the founder of a movement. The host of a weekly highlight. And the man responsible for 12 years of A State of Trance. Armin van Buuren looks back on 600 episodes. Years of hard work, selecting the right music and finding the latest exclusives, come together in the biggest world tour he’s ever done. In the middle of ‘The Expedition’, we…


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Up Close & Personal CNN Interview with Tiësto

Must see up close and personal twenty-five minutes long interview with Tiësto.



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Interview Armin van Buuren: “It’s the rush hour of life.”

No rest for the perfectionists. When you’re living the life of Armin van Buuren, you know that once you’ve settled down, the next project is already knocking on your door. So despite this being the holiday season, it’s anything but quiet in mind of the Dutchman. Before facing a 2013 that bursts with new challenges, we invited Armin to reflect to the…


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KLM premiers Armin documentary on YouTube

The documentary ‘A Year With Armin van Buuren’ takes one year out of the roaring life of the Dutch DJ. Shot during an important year, the result is a unique documentary that offers a rare look inside the life and personality of the world famous DJ/producer. On October 6th at 9.30 p.m. CET, the documentary will be premiered worldwide via the YouTube channel of KLM…


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Armin van Buuren Armada Interview: “It’s one of the best years for trance!” + Armin Previews CD1 and CD2 (Video)

After months of collecting the right tracks, road-testing and finally mixing 2 CD’s live at the A State of Trance nights at Ibiza’s Privilege, ‘Universal Religion Chapter 6’ is a fact. Its creator, Armin van Buuren, once again managed to translate that unique Ibiza vibe, the summer feel and capture the essence of the genre he is most dedicated to:…


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Dash Berlin and the Universal Language of Trance

“All my energy goes into it, but it doesn’t feel like work to me, because my drive comes from a passion, not a hunger for success. You can work really hard when most of the stress that you feel is positive stress.”

His label claims he is the fastest growing name in trance land right now…


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Dash Berlin – Investing in the art of trance

Life has been good to the man behind Dash Berlin. With relentless energy, he’s been able to live out his passion, realizing his dream while alighting the musical souls of ten-thousands. Dash has brought a new spark to the trance scene, and it’s still bright as ever. Last week, the Dutchman released the latest edition of his ‘United Destination’ series, as well…


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Armada Interview Paul Oakenfold: “It’s important to evolve.”

When you’ve got a legendary status and the entire world of dance has their eyes and ears fixed on you, the pressure can be killing. But not to Paul Oakenfold. Experience taught him that the best way to survive in EDM, is to keep doing what you love. And so he does. While finalizing his upcoming artist album, he found time to create a new mix for his ‘We Are Planet Perfecto’ series. Volume 2 brings the sound of his sets in the US, where he was one of the first DJ’s to set fire to the EDM…


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DJ List Interview: Sander Van Doorn

Sander Van Doorn is a household name in Electronic Dance Music and we got a chance to witness one of his performances in San Francisco, California. After local resident DJ APSARA warmed up the crowd it was time for Sander to take the stage playing his big hit Nothing Inside. Throughout the night he played many of his own tracks combined with all of the other popular EDM tracks. We heard Eagles, Chasin and his massive track Koko. But also PORTER ROBINSON and SKRILLEX were played not leaving a…


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ASOT Ibiza Invasion (Interview Armin van Buuren)

Big, bigger, biggest. This summer, Armin van Buuren brings his A State of Trance to an even higher level. With 14 nights, of which the kick-off has been an incredible success, he celebrates the on-going ASOT craze and rocks Ibiza’s Privilege from dusk till dawn. We hooked up with the mastermind behind the show, the label and the worldwide movement, and asked…


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