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Time to Vote for the DJ Mag Top Ten DJs

Its that time of year again folks; time to decide who the Top 10 DJs in the world are. Can Hardwell be knocked off the top spot or will Armin van Buuren reclaim his crown? Does Afrojack merit a higher spot than nine? Or will a newcomer like Martin Garrix make the list? Most importantly can your little voting fingers get Dash Berlin higher than the #10 spot he…


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Coldplay Goes EDM, Collab With Avicii for "A Sky Full of Stars"

If there's something big name artists can find on EDM, it's probably the elixir to inject new life in their music. Electronic Dance Music is taking an upswing as Coldplay became the latest mainstream act to either collaborate or integrate EDM elements in their tune. In a report, Ariana Grande is said to be working with Zedd.

Chris Martin…


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Avicii Headed Back to the Studio to Work on Album #2

And just like that, he's back. Obviously following the doctor's orders is working out well for Avicii - chilling in Laguna Beach is medicine we could all use - and he is almost ready to get back to work, beginning with some time in the recording studio working on his second real album (the True remix really doesn't count does it?)…


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Deadmau5 to stand in for Avicii..Again

Deadmau5 caused quite a bit of controversy in the EDM world when he covered for an ailing Avicii at Ultra, but he's not bothered and in fact he'll be doing it again at XS in Las Vegas on April 25th.

Avicii was instructed by his medical team to postpone his performances at the Vegas club, scheduled for the 18th and the 25th to allow him more time to properly…


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Avicii Apologizes as His Health Forces Postponement of US Tour

As much as Avicii might have hoped that he would be fully recovered and fighting fit to kick of his big US tour this coming Thursday, beginning in Boston, his doctors have not given him the all clear to do so and so he has been forced to postpone upcoming dates until they feel he is up to it.…


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Tiesto and Deadmau5 end Ultra With a War of Words

Deadmau5 filled in rather ably for Avicii on Saturday night and people, for the most part, were rather pleased with the set. His sense of humor seemed to rescue what could have been a pretty miserable time; after all to go along with the rain that interrupted the main stage sets there were lots of people there whose ticket purchase had been made simply…


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The Deadmau5 vs Ultra Fans Beef May Have Started Months Ago

So by now everyone has an opinion about whether or not Deadmau5 'trolled' Ultra with the end of his Saturday night set, especially after the Twitter war he and Tiesto managed to ignite. The whole thing may have been set off earlier though, as in months earlier not by Tiesto and not even involving Avicii and 'Levels'. It may have been because…


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Avicii Addresses his Fans, Gets Ready for Surgery

Anyone who has ever been stuck in the hospital knows how hard it is - and how boring. Avicii is in that position right now, awaiting an operation to remove his gallbladder, but he has spent his time updating his fans via Twitter.

He began by explaining just how he ended up in his current unfortunate situation:…


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Breaking News: Deadmau5 will replace Avicii on Ultra Main Stage on Saturday

With Avicii officially out of action and unable to close the main stage at Ultra on Saturday (more about poor Tim's troubles in a moment) Deadmau5, who conveniently has been in Miami all week anyway, has agreed to step into the spot. The switch has been confirmed by organisers and also by the Mau5 himself;…


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New for Ultra 2014 - Avicii Branded Condoms

Avicii - or his publicity team anyway - have become masters of promotion when Ultra rolls around. In addition to the Avicii branded hotel - which this year is setting up shop at SLS Hotel South Beach - in 2012 there were Avicii branded Converse sneakers on offer, but this year's offering is even more practical - Avicii branded condoms.

Avicii's manager Ash…


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Disney Announce 'DCONSTRUCTED', EDM Takes on Classic Disney Songs

EDM does Disney? Mickey Mouse goes trance? Well, that is certainly what it seems will happen on April 22 according to a short video that Disney Music posted on their Instagram page last night.

According to the clip (which you can check out below) 'DCONSTRUCTED' will be an album filled with reworks of classic Disney songs and the…


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Avicii - Addicted To You (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) [Out On: ??.03.2014]

Release Date : ??.03.2014

Label : PRMD

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See: Afrojack and Half of the EDM world ;)

Afrojack is still busy putting the finishing touches to his album but he might finish a little faster if people stopped dropping in on him while he is working. Then again, when those people are Avicii and David Guetta then maybe it is Ok after all, especially if they gave him a little bit of a hand...…


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Avicii Defends Twitter Presence it Raises an Interesting Question

In a fast moving world that is dominated by social media it seems that many fans now almost expect that their idols be in constant contact with them via mediums like Twitter and Facebook. This was evidenced recently by a Twitter conversation between Avicii and @Avicii news with the latter suggesting that Tim may have been neglecting his…


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Listen: 'Addicted to You, David Guetta Remix'

Ahead of 'True', which will see Avicii remix Avicii , David Guetta has taken on the task of remixing his 'Addicted to You'. The track was revealed via a short Twitter teaser campaign and then was debuted on Pete Tong's radio show. It will be available for download on Monday February 25 but you can listen to it below:…


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Avicii's Manager Teases 'True' Remix

Taking to his own personal Instagram account Avicii's manager Ash Pournouri has teased what appears to be the artwork for the upcoming remix of 'True', which will of course essentially be Avicii remixing Avicii. Pournouri debuted both front and back covers which include a mock up tracklist:…


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Hotel Avicii Back in Miami for Ultra Music Festival

In the run up to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami all kinds of announcements are being made about exciting sideshows, pool parties, one off gigs and more. The latest is that Hotel Avicii will once again be returning to Miami. There is a new location for 2014, the swanky SLS South Beach, and the rooms will go fast, so anyone with the available cash (the…


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Is This Avicii Tribute the Largest Lyric Tattoo Ever?

Lots of people get a tattoo featuring their favourite lyrics from a beloved song, but it's usually just the most meaningful line or two. This dude on the other hand decided to go the whole hog and have ALL of the lyrics from Avicii's 'Wake me Up' tatted. Guess that's dedication for you although we do suggest he hits a tanning bed before he tries to show it off…


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Avicii Announces US True Tour Dates for April

Avicii won't be taking a break after this year's Ultra Music Festival. Instead he will be packing up and heading out for a short US tour in support of his album 'True'. Last year Avicii managed to sell out the legendary Hollywood Bowl so you can expect the tickets for this little trip will go fast too. This time around you can also expect a few tweaks and…


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Dash Berlin World Top 20 (Tracks from Yuri Kane, ATB, Tiesto, Avicii, W&W, Dash Berlin and many more!)

Always exciting to have a new number one. Find out below to who the number one belongs. Enjoy the top 20 for this week!



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