Sander van Doorn Exclusive Interview

With two new releases under his belt, it is safe to say that this year has been kind to Sander van Doorn. His track “Chasin’” has been a hit across the board, with DJs such as Markus Schulz choosing to showcase it in their sets; meanwhile “Nothing Inside” warranted a live performance from Mayaeni herself during Ultra Festival in Miami. It’s not even the halfway point yet for Sander, as the summer season is just about to begin, kicking off with EDC Vegas and heading in deep with Ibiza. His label, Doorn Records, is looking as healthy as ever with a whole stream of releases coming up. It seems that life is in good order for Sander van Doorn, when we caught up with him after his set at Necto (Michigan).

Heads started turning in Sander’s favor after his epic, high energy set at ASOT 500 in 2011 during Miami Music Week. While I myself could not make it down there, I vividly remember listening to it attentively online and thinking “Wow, this is just insane – and I’m not even there.” My favorite part of that set was when he dropped a thirty second preview of his unreleased track “Time Zone” after a Tiesto track, which left me in daze for weeks afterwards, desperately trying to ID it. Dipping into vocals for one of the first times, Time Zone was rich, sultry, and dark – characteristics that curry my favor musically. Track after track, a few of us were listening to that set on the edge of our seats, eventually dumbfounded at the end and at a loss with what to do with ourselves. What an introduction for many, to Sander van Doorn and his style.

Continuing that exploration of vocals is his new track “Nothing Inside” featuring Mayaeni. Although it features slower-paced vocals, the track still has the hook that makes it dance friendly and nice breather to throw down in a high energy set. After dropping it at Necto, he sits down to talk to us about his introduction into producing, what are his plans, and how he produces and DJs now.


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