Gareth Emery shares his thoughts on the infamous 'SYNC' button on the new Pioneer CDJ

Seeing as we are on the subject, here are my thoughts on the infamous 'SYNC' button on the new Pioneer CDJ.

FIRSTLY: laptop DJs have had this feature for years. So if you have a problem with 'SYNC' you should probably stop seeing anyone who plays from a laptop, and I guarantee a few of your favourite DJs will fit this group (not me though).

SECONDLY: The actual art of beat mixing (ie: getting tracks in time) hasn't exactly been difficult difficult since CDs took over from vinyl anyway. I used to play entirely from vinyl, and I'm not going to bullshit you - keeping the music in time was more difficult back then than it was after I switched to CDs in 2005.

HOWEVER, this did not mean DJing itself got easier... in fact actual, the opposite was true, because you needed to up your game in other ways. More crowd interaction, edits, fx, tricks etc. In the vinyl days all you really cared about was not letting the music get out of time, nothing else really mattered. But now we rightly expect a lot more from our DJs. It's as challenging, demanding, and difficult to learn as it ever was, just in different ways.

Until they invent a button that allows you to read a crowd, give a great stage performance, program a perfect set, or select fucking great music, I am pretty sure the art of DJing is going to live on. Gaz

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