Sander Van Doorn is a household name in Electronic Dance Music and we got a chance to witness one of his performances in San Francisco, California. After local resident DJ APSARA warmed up the crowd it was time for Sander to take the stage playing his big hit Nothing Inside. Throughout the night he played many of his own tracks combined with all of the other popular EDM tracks. We heard Eagles, Chasin and his massive track Koko. But also PORTER ROBINSON and SKRILLEX were played not leaving a single genre untouched. His high energy set lasted until late in the night and had people still screaming, “One More Song!” until way passed closing time. Before the show we had a quick chat with SANDER VAN DOORN to see what he’s been up to! Also head over to our Facebook page to find more pictures from the event!

The DJ List: To start things off, we absolutely loved your set at EDC Las Vegas this year. What’s your perspective on the EDM scene in America and how does San Francisco compare to other North American cities?

Favorite City in the United States, you know I would definitely say New York is one of my favorite cities. I got a really big fan base and every single time I play there it’s absolutely insane. I usually play at Pacha and this year we are also doing Electric Zoo. Every time I go out there its just insanity so I definitely think New York is my favorite city to play in. But then again San Diego, Vegas Los Angeles, those are all great cities to play in. Some of these cities really feel like an American version of Ibiza. Especially Vegas, you easily play 3 or 4 shows a month there, it’s awesome, just because the scene has grown so much over the last years.

As for how San Franciso compares to other cities, it is way up there, it’s great for its club shows but also for its bigger events. I actually did ETD Pop last year in the Bay area and the scene over here is definitely growing as rapidly as the scene in all the other cities in America, so it is definitely looking good.

The DJ List: How is 2012 going for you, it would seem a lot is happening from over here! Tell us more, what have you been up to?

Well, I have been producing a lot of tracks this year. It’s definitely by far been my best production year. Actually I just had a two week studio run as well, so I have been producing a lot of new tracks and besides that I think I have almost 50 percent more shows compared to last year. This year has kind of been about raising the bar for me as a DJ as well as a producer, so the future is looking really good.

The DJ List: How would you best describe the type of music that you produce?

I would say it’s a cross section like a blend of different sounds. These days I produce a lot of sounds and also play a lot of progressive house records. But some sounds can be a lot more techi others can be housier or melodic. I think it’s a very diverse blend and the key feature is a lot of energy.

The DJ List: How do you think your sound has progressed over the years?

Well I still think my sound is as diverse as it was a couple of 
years ago. I think my sound has always been in the middle of everything. Just in general my sound has evolved and in the studio as well as on stage. And I think it slowly moved more towards progressive house, but I can’t really say what it is what I am doing.

The DJ List: You think the recent popularity in Progressive House made you move towards that direction?

You know not directly because of that, but because of the shift in popularity there are more producers producing that style of music, so more of the tracks you like will be in that particular genre. So I guess indirectly you kind of move into that direction a little bit.

The DJ List: What is the most important part of a track for you in the production process?

I always picture myself on the dance floor when I am producing a new track and of course you always get a lot of inspiration when listening to other tracks. Even if its dance related or maybe even rock bands. I always sit in the studio with a blank screen and start from scratch and start working the beats, add a melody on top and a track will pop out or not. Sometimes you have to start over but that’s kind of the way I like to do it. Sometimes you start with a beat other times you start with a melody based riffs.

The DJ List: Your production work is incredibly strong, what is your musical training background?

Absolutely Nothing... I played the flute in high school and that’s about it.

The DJ List: In your live sets, do you plan what you are going to play in advance or do you lean towards spontaneity? 

Well one of the things that I learned when becoming a DJ is that it is very important to be flexible. You do not want to stick with a certain playlist. You always want to have parts in your set that work really well and sometimes it’s nice to use those little sets. But every single set I play is something different, some sets Ill start with one track and then the next day I’ll start off another. I just work my way up with what the crowd wants and I guess that result in doing a different set every time I play.

The DJ List: Your track “Nothing Inside” Is definitely one of our favorite tracks of 2012, how did that project come together?

Well, Mayaeni she wrote the original track together with the same writer as Lana Del Ray and this beautiful vocal popped out and she was really looking for something towards EDM. I was the lucky guy to receive the vocals, so I immediately started producing. It took me a lot of time to figure out the tempo differences since the track has two different tempos. I had to produce a lot of different musical layers, this really was the track that took me the most effort to get it to what it sounds right now. When I was done I was like wow this is something special. Definitely one of the nicest projects I ever had the chance of doing.

The DJ List: You have your own record label, Doorn Records. What can we expect from that label? What are you trying to achieve with your label?

It kind of started out a couple of years ago because I really wanted a platform for my own tracks. All of sudden all these other producers started sending me tracks and I kind of decided the label should be for people producing records that I really like. It has been growing really rapidly over the last couple of years and I think if I look at the production and release schedule for this year, it is going to be insane. In the next couple of months so many new tracks are coming out and I am really happy about it.

The DJ List: What can we expect to see from you? Any upcoming projects/events/releases you can talk about?

Yes, I got a lot of new stuff coming out. I am actually working on a new artist’s album and I am really excited about that. I already have a lot of singles ready to be released and as I said I never had such a good production year, as I had this year. It’s kind of funny because at the same time it becomes so busy on the road that I don’t even know where I find the time to make these tracks.

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