We love to give something away and we get the feeling you love it too. So here we are for another round! We have five times two tickets for three different events in the USA (New york, Pacha - Oakland, After, Oracle Arena - Denver, Denver Coliseum, Skylab) where offcourse Dash will perform. So in total we have 30 tickets to give divided over these three events. We will pick random entries.


What do you have to do in order to get these tickets for free: 


  1. Like this blog.
  2. Put your full real name plus the event of your choice in the comments.

Thats it, good luck everyone!


Winners announcement for New York, Pacha:

Ramyaa Ravichandra: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/RamyaaRavichandra

Jessica Gonsowski: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/Jessica732

Victor Le: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/VictorLe

Anthony Berry: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/AnthonyBerry

Dovid Borowski: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/DovidBorowski


Winners announcement for Oakland, After, Oracle Arena:

Gio Garcia: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/GioGarcia

Adie Hernandez: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/AdieHernandez

Ian Chang: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/IanChang

Jeffrey Vides: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/JeffreyVides

Theresa Yang: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/TheresaYang


Winners announcement for Skylab:

Yuto Omine: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/YutoOmine

Yeimy tapia: http://dashberlinworld.com/profile/Yeimytapia


Congratulations everybody! Your names will be on the guestlist at the door. Please take a valid ID with you. Enjoy the event!



Disclaimer: Please keep the agerestriction in mind which is that you have to be over 18 and prove it with a valid ID at the event. We will give 5 times two tickets (no travel expenses) to random entries for three events. The tickets are not transferable for cash or any other person. The contest ends september 19th or when there are more then 100 entries. The Dash Berlin World judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The names of the winners will be posted on Dash Berlin World within one day after the end of the Contest. Dash Berlin World may publish the Winners names in the winners publication on Dash Berlin World. This is at the discretion of Dash Berlin World and no correspondence will be entered into.

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