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Watch The Official Music Video: Dash Berlin & Carita La Nina - Dragonfly (Update: Syzz Remix)

Dash Berlin World was right. It's official.. Dragonfly will be released on Hardwell's label revealed. Watch the official Music Video below with footage from Dash…


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Why Do the Tiesto Retirement Rumors Never Quite Stop?

It's the rumor that never seems to quite stop dogging him; that Tiesto is ready to hang up his headphones, retire and head off into the sunset someplace. Just last week one again he had to take to his Twitter page (again) to assure fans (again) that he had no intention of taking a permanent break:…


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Is Dash Berlin's New Album Really Going to be Called #dashers? Wikipedia Says it is

For some people, Wikipedia is THE go to resource for information of all kinds. And if you were to look up Dash Berlin on the site right now you would see that one Wikipedia editor believes they know what the name of Dash's upcoming new album is, and are apparently so confident in that knowledge that they edited the entry referring to his…


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Watch: Deadmau5' 'Coffee Run' with Eric Prydz

Deadmau5, who appears to be fishing for a second career as an interviewer, has just published another episode of his 'Coffee Run' YouTube series, this time featuring Eric Prydz as his guest. Watch as the pair discuss playing together for Miami Music Week, kids, cars, the perils of long distance travel and touring and much more. Check it all out above…


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Watch: Coachella Performances from Skrillex, Zedd, Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Gareth Emery

The first weekend of Coachella is almost over and it has seen some great performances from some of EDM's best. Friday saw Zedd, Martin Garrix and Gareth Emery light up the Sahara stage and despite the interruption of a sandstorm (really) on Saturday Skrillex made it through his set without injury (this time) Check out some of the fan footage…


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He Feels Your Pain Tiesto! Watch Skrillex hit his head on his Spaceship

Everyone knows that Skrillex is not the kind of dude who likes to stand behind his decks for the whole gig and that running around the stage (and diving into the crowd) is far more his thing. And after Tiesto bashed his head on a light the other week Sonny recalled to TMZ that yep..he could feel his pain, as he had done himself in Mexico a…


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ABGT100 Set for New York's Madison Square Garden in October

Last October Above and Beyond celebrated their 50th radio show at Alexandria Palace in London. With their 100th show now approaching when the picture you see above was sent out via A & B's various social networks it set of all kinds of speculation about the location chosen to celebrate the next big milestone.

Ahead of the official…


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Tiesto Says He Left Trance 'To Remain Relevant'

He may not be retiring, but Tiesto did move away from his trance roots years ago. And in a recent interview with DJ Magazine, which you can watch in full below he did finally address a few of his reasons for making that move, one that still upsets some of his oldest fans to this day.

In response to the very direct question 'why did you leave trance' he…


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Update: Music Video Teaser / Dash Berlin & Rigby - Earth Meets Water (Update: A State of Trance Preview ASOT 657 + Artwork + Lyrics)

After announcing his new album (to be released this summer), Dash Berlin reveals the first gem from it – ‘Earth Meets Water’.  It’s no wonder that this song absolutely destroyed…


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Out Now: Zedd ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant - Find You (Dash Berlin Remix + ASOT 650 Footage + Music Video)

Above the official music video of Dash Berlin's remix of Zedd's 'Find You'. 

Out …


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Armin van Buuren Radio Podcast DJ Mix: A State Of Trance 658 +Tracklist

A State Of Trance 658… Enjoy music by Allen Watts, Amir Hussain, John Askew, Tenishia and a new Armin van Buuren Remix! ‪Expect also a trip back in history with the ASOT Radio Classic!…


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Listen: Duck Sauce Streaming New Album 'Quack' Ahead of April 15 Release

Duck Sauce's 'comeback' album 'Quack' is set to drop on April 15 but ahead of that date they have posted a stream of the entire record on their website.

'Quack' turns out to be a catchy selection of 12 tracks that pairs new beats with classic Duck Sauce jams of old. You can listen to the entire stream at…


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Kaskade Announces New Vinyl Only EP and US Tour Dates on Twitter

Kascade has announced that he is ready to release his new EP but he is doing things a little differently, choosing to only release it on vinyl:


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Deadmau5 to stand in for Avicii..Again

Deadmau5 caused quite a bit of controversy in the EDM world when he covered for an ailing Avicii at Ultra, but he's not bothered and in fact he'll be doing it again at XS in Las Vegas on April 25th.

Avicii was instructed by his medical team to postpone his performances at the Vegas club, scheduled for the 18th and the 25th to allow him more time to properly…


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Logged Out of Soundcloud Without Your Permission? Its OK, it's just a Heartbleed Security Fix

If you head to your Soundcloud account today to check out a little music don't be too surprised if you find yourself signed out; the company is trying to stop users from being affected by a nasty security breech called Heartbleed.

Heartblled is a security bug that is targeting secure sites and can potentially expose secure…


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Aropa 38 - Punk Party featuring Kelly Sweet - You And I

Aropa 38 - Punk Party featuring Kelly Sweet - You And I. Out Now on Beatport.…


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Bangers of the Week 21

After taking a week off to recover from my long weekend in Miami for the 16th Ultra Music Festival, I'm back with some sweet aural enjoyment for the middle of your week. As I'm sure anyone who was there could tell you, Miami was a blast, and I wanted no parts of leaving that paradise to get back into the grind here in DC. From Gaia to Deadmau5, Don Diablo to Above & Beyond, and…


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The Purrari Meets the Po Po..

Deadmau5' extraordinary Purrari is now street legal and on the road - well almost street legal. As he Tweeted and shared on Instagram (see the picture above) on its maiden voyage it attracted plenty of attention, including from traffic cops. Not because it was a Ferrari plastered with a picture of Nyan Cat but because he did not have the right license plates in place. Opps! It…


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Look: Laidback Luke's Baby Girl is Getting an Early Start on the Decks

Babies usually like music and in the case of his new baby daughter with wife Gina Taylor EvaLina, that is a very god job, as it appears that she is being introduced to Mom and Dad's line of work very young:


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Avicii Apologizes as His Health Forces Postponement of US Tour

As much as Avicii might have hoped that he would be fully recovered and fighting fit to kick of his big US tour this coming Thursday, beginning in Boston, his doctors have not given him the all clear to do so and so he has been forced to postpone upcoming dates until they feel he is up to it.…


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